Biden Insider Warns There Will Be ‘Thousands More’ Sickening ‘Pictures & Videos’

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Biden whistleblower warns there are thousands and thousands of more videos and images

The Chinese billionaire behind the sickening Hunter Biden leaks has warned that “there will be more than 10,000 pictures” and “more and more videos.”

Lude (Wang DingGang), founder of Lude Media and part of the Whistle-Blower Movement that is aimed at exposing the Chinese Communist Party , was banned on Twitter as soon as the video leaks occurred.

Undeterred, Lude began posting about the leaks on Parler.

“There will more and more than 10000 pictures coming,” Lude wrote on the social network. “There will be more and more videos coming!” reports: The explicit leaks are riddled with drugs and what appear to be prostitutes. They have called into question whether or not a Biden presidency would be a national security threat with the amount of blackmail material on his son.