Worldwide Poll: Trump Winning The Election

Fact checked
worldwide poll shows Trump winning the U.S. election

A poll open to voters from across the globe reveals that Donald Trump is the favorite to win in both the United States and in the majority of other countries around the world. 

According to statistics taken today on Election Day, a poll places Trump 12% ahead of Hillary worldwide and 2% ahead of the Democratic candidate in America – meaning that Trump looks set to become elected 45th president of the United States. reports:

On this website anyone from any country can cast a vote! Who does Argentina, for example, prefer? Or Belgium? Or China?

And what about Zimbabwe? The results will be accumulated on our worldwide map, which is updated in real time – so check back often!


How it works

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Will you list the other candidates or add an ‘other’ option?

Well no, we’ve simplified. We think it’s fair to say that the rest of the world will have to be dealing with either Donald or Hillary. Sorry Jill, Gary and Darrell.