World War 3: Israel Begin Bombing Syria

Israel begin bombing campaign in Syria

Israel has begun a bombing campaign in Syria, carrying out multiple air strikes in the country under the guise of targeting Hezbollah.

According to Arab news outlets, Israeli aircraft used Lebanese airspace in order to hit a weapons cache and a convoy of military vehicles belonging to Hezbollah and the Syrian army. reports:

The Israel Defence Forces (IDF) has neither confirmed nor denied the attacks in line with the position Israel always takes when it comes to sensitive operations.

The aerial assault is believed to have taken place during the night of 29-30 November. According to the London-based Rai al-Youm newspaper, the Israeli warplanes hit the convoy on the Damascus-Beirut highway.

Both the weapons facility and the convoy were under the command of the Shia militant group Hezbollah, which has long been fighting on the side of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. At least four huge explosions were reported near the Syrian capital during the strikes. There is still no word on any casualties.

In the past, several air strikes in Syria and at multiple locations bordering Israel were alleged to have been carried out by Israeli forces though the Israeli government hardly confirms any of these.

The current attack comes close on the heels of the IDF confirming it targeted an Islamic State (Isis)-held position near the Syrian border. The IDF said on 28 November, that the air strike was a response to the attack on Israeli soldiers in the region. Israeli forces “will not hesitate to act against terror groups that operate against the State of Israel”, the IDF warned in a statement.

  • mike

    Why is Israel getting involved with all this ? Is Israel fulfilling a promise to USA ?

    • Jeremiah Clark

      Go read the book of Jeremiah…then go research Zionists and you will see Israel has become wicked. They own the banks and the media…

    • LexRex Mann

      You ARE kidding– right?
      Fucking “Israel” is the reason for the whole mess in the middle East! They are the reason for all the invasions the US has carried out in this and the last decade. They want to foment destabilization of any duly elected government. That’s why Hussein, Gaddafi, and now Assad are being targeted. “Israel” wants all the land from the Nile to the Euphrates. Wake up!

  • Djago

    Israel is behind all and everything going bad in the region. USA is run by the jews. They call themself: the chosen people. I know why. If there is a people ( if you can call them that) that has been chosen by God it is the jews. That is one people he will destroy first, there will be no mercy

    • tu papa

      watch what you say bro look at what happend to some people who said something about isreal just sayin

      • Djago

        Yes, it has crossed my mind

  • CharlaS

    Israel is ISIS.

  • Phil Hughes

    jews are the scum of the earth

  • Chris

    Israeli Jews are born liars and terrorists.

  • Russell Lang

    Commenters below actually believe this rubbish article and use it as an opportunity to express their baseless anti-semitism.

    Israel hit a few trucks carrying arms (probably missiles) to Hezbollah. Hezbollah are a terrorist group sponsored by Iran who continuously threaten to attack and destroy Israel. Israel have nothing to do with the trouble in Iraq and Syria, Obama’s failed foreign policy and interference are the real cause.

    • koowah

      there is no terrorist group that compares to israel

      • Russell Lang

        Wow, you cannot be for real. Haven’t you noticed that the murderers, beheaders and suicide bombers of civilians shout Allahu Akhbar, not Darwin is great, YJWH is King or Jesus is Lord.

        Please, Israel are not perfect but every Arab Nation, the UN and EU are supporting terrorists that are attacking them as they will attack you if they get the chance. They just fight back and defend effectively, something the weak assed Western globalistic leadeship don’t do because they believe that out of the chaos they can bring in their New World Order.

        I wish you well.

        • LexRex Mann

          You’re working hard for the Hasbara troll group– hey? You’re spouting the same nonsense that everyone else there does, trying to make ME look like the hater when it’s YOU who are saying there was NEVER a Palestine? A blatant lie that all trolls like you will continue to spurt out.
          So what if that were true– which it isn’t? So your beloved State of “Israel” can just go and steal it from them? Displace families and demolish their homes, schools, hospitals? YOU are the hateful one here. I have more love in my little finger for humankind than you will ever know. So get a fucking life.
          No one beleives it. Get it? No one. Not you either. You know it’s a lie, and towns and villages in Palestine have been buried and fir trees planted there to hide them. By the hateful Zionists of “Israel”.
          That “democracy” that you speak of, where it’s illegal for a non-Jew to intermarry with a Jew– why?
          Troll, that’s all you are. Palestine will be free again, over YOUR dead body. I have not the least “kindness” for the likes of you.

        • Tiger133

          Ah, dog-gone it, Russell, everyone on this thread is well aware of Israel’s wrong doings. Better luck next time.

    • LexRex Mann

      Oh fuck off will you? Hating the fucking Jewish State of “Israel” is not anti-semitism. It’s hating the terrorist State that has stolen most of Palestine, tried its utmost to wipe out Palestine’s history, its culture and society, subjugates them and subjects Palestinians to the worst, most degrading humiliation, locking them in cages at their checkpoints for hours, building a 300-mile-long 25′ high concrete wall all through Palestine, building roads marked “Jewish-only” where if you don’t have a yellow license plate, you cannot get through. They’re the most modern, safe highways, while the roads the Palestinians must use– in their OWN country– are pocked and broken, sometimes blocked with debris purposely put there by the occupiers….It’s the most racist, exclusionary society on Earth, and there are many, many courageous Jews who are standing up to it and protesting it– and being severely persecuted for it. You do the fucking research, asshole

      • Russell Lang

        So full of kindness and tolerance for the opinions of others aren’t you.

        You most certainly will persuade many that there actually ever was a Palestinian nation. There never was and there never will be. Israel is a legitimate state and the only one that even resembles a Democracy in the whole Middle East. From where all the murderous terrorists come killing innocent people shouting Allahu Akhbar. Or are you deaf as well as rude?

        I know the history’ the true history and like the fake Palestinian leaders you obviously think you can time travel, change history with lies and nobody will notice. I hope that your ignorance of the truth, foul language and lying rhetoric will serve to demonstrate to any decent reader that you are just another lying terrorist-supporting hateful anti-semite. I am fussy whom I debate with and I don’t try to debate with people who think personal attacks on people they do not know are stimulating discussion. So it’s bye from me, go well and clean your keyboard after use, especially before you eat.

        • LexRex Mann

          I notice you don’t deny anything else I say– except to lie that “there never was a Palestine”.
          Ever hear of the Transfer Agreement? Whereby Palestine welcomed emigrating Jews from Germany? Even though they were never asked by the British occupiers about it? Still they welcomed them in peace. Why do you suppose there never were any “terrorist acts” that you describe before the Beloved State Of “Israel” was established?
          Never any. But you see, “Israel” has stolen almost all of Palestine’s land for its greedy self, and when someone has the courage to try to defend his family against this brutal occupation, they’re labeled a “terrorist”. very sly.
          But your Beloved State is dying, and you won’t admit it. It will not last another decade. And good riddance to it. The Jews, Christians and Muslims all lived in harmony before this Beloved State was established

        • Abu Mohamad Jaab
        • Abu Mohamad Jaab
    • LexRex Mann

      “probably”?? That’s good fact-checking.

  • koowah

    Israel, a nasty little dog backed up in everything it does by big dog, U.S.A.

  • Abu Mohamad Jaab
  • Abu Mohamad Jaab
  • Abu Mohamad Jaab
  • Kieron

    Russel Lang