Woman Repeatedly Harassed By A Smelly Ghost

Fact checked

Amateur photographer, Laura Dickson, says she is  being haunted by a ghost which lets off a fishy odour just before a tragedy strikes somebody she knows.

The fishy odour occurs before something bad happening, she claims, such as a friend dying or a family member being taken to hospital.

The Daily Mail reports:

But rather than fear the spectre, which has stalked her for 10 years, and its distinctive smell Miss Dickson has now come to accept it and takes the aroma as a clear warning to be on her guard.

It also inspired her to become a ghost hunter and she has used her enthusiasm for photography to capture spectres on film – even photographing what she believes is the ghost of a monk in Kent.

‘The pong always appeared right before something bad happened,’ she said.

‘Ever since I was little, I’ve sensed spirits around me. I’d pick up on presences in the room and the fishy smell would come as a warning.’

The ill-scented encounters started when Miss Dickson was around nine or 10 and shortly afterwards a relative was rushed into hospital after suffering a stroke.

She said: ‘In a way, the spirits’ whiffy warning had helped prepare me.’

It was this episode which prompted Miss Dickson to work as a ghost hunter – one of the UK’s only female stalkers.

‘I often visited old buildings to take photos.

‘I noticed a number of my pictures were covered in light orbs.

‘When I researched it online, I learnt that some people believe it indicates a spirit present in the picture.

‘This made me think, ‘I’m going to catch more than light orbs’.

‘So I continued scouring old buildings, snapping away.’

In January last year Miss Dickson, who works as a machinist, was taking pictures of St Peter and St Paul church in Borden, Kent, when she captured a mysterious image.

She said: ‘In one of the pictures, a ghostly figure was standing in the window of the church.

‘I glance up and the ghost had disappeared.

‘I made my way home and uploaded the pictures onto my laptop.

‘As I zoomed into the image I noticed it looked like a monk.

‘I did some research and discovered the church was founded by monks hundreds of years ago.