William Hague: British Government Worked With ISIS To Oust Assad

Fact checked
Former British Minister William Hague says UK government supports ISIS in order to oust Assad

Former British foreign secretary, William Hague, has admitted that the UK supported ISIS in order to help overthrow Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

According to the Tory politician, MI6 routinely use hardline terrorist groups in order to overthrow democratically elected government regimes in the Middle East.

Awdnews.com reports: A conservative politician, Mr. Hague acknowledged that over past three years , the western intelligence bodies sought to overthrow the Syrian regime by any means, including arming the most fanatic militants.

“ After ISIS overrun large Iraqi towns in early and mid-July, our relation with Iraqi rebels began to deteriorate but still we maintain our contacts with the moderate faction within ISIS,” Said the British perspicacious politician on Tuesday.

Referring to ISIS abominable war crimes especially those against the western citizens, William Hague added that his ministry could not continue its routine contacts with the so-called Islamic State due to increasing public aversion against the ISIS insurgents in Europe and United States.

“I firmly believe that the best strategy to cope with spelling sectarian and ethnic violence in the Middle-East is to target the al-Qaeda-affiliate rebels in Iraq , while in the same time fostering the moderate Islamic militias notably al-Nusra Front