WikiLeaks: John Podesta Attended Satanic ‘Spirit Cooking’ Party

Has Satanism infiltrated the Washington elite? New WikiLeaks emails suggest John Podesta attended a "Spirit Cooking" dinner party at Marina Abramovich's house.

Has Satanism infiltrated the Washington elite?

New WikiLeaks emails suggest John Podesta attended a “Spirit Cooking” dinner party at Marina Abramovic’s house.

Given what we know about the performance artist’s occult fascination, it’s safe to assume they weren’t saying the Lord’s Prayer.

John Podesta Marina Abramovich

So what happened at this dinner party? Marina Abramovic demonstrates what Spirit Cooking is in a YouTube video. Painting a wall with pig blood, Abramovic smears the sentence “WITH A SHARP KNIFE CUT DEEPLY INTO THE MIDDLE FINGER OF YOUR LEFT HAND EAT THE PAIN.” Another daubed message reads “FRESH MORNING URINE SPRINKLE OVER NIGHTMARE DREAMS.”

Anramovic then throws blood over a small statue in the corner of the room, before writing “SPIRIT COOKING.” Blood is then ceremoniously run around the four corners of the room. Another message on the wall reads “MIX FRESH BREAST MILK WITH FRESH SPERM MILK DRINK ON EARTHQUAKE NIGHTS.”

At 7 mins 30 Abramovic is seen in a projected video with a snake wrapped around her head, it’s tail in her nostril.

Warning: in case you hadn’t guessed, this video contains graphic content.

Spirit Cooking, according to article about Marina Abramovic, “is about the conversion of matter into energy, of the material into the spiritual.

Abramovic derives her inspiration from the popular belief that the spirits still need food even though it is no longer solid, but in the form of light, sound and emotions.

This superstition is found in numerous cultures and there are even strict rules as to how this spiritual fare should be prepared.

In this paradox, in the material underpinning of something immaterial, the physical and spiritual worlds meet.

Or to use her own words, ‘When you make something visible for something invisible, the invisible becomes visible.’

Marina Abramovic has long been associated with the occult. Her performance art often features Satanic themes and mock human sacrifice.

Take a look at this performance at the MoCA annual gala. Warning: NSFW.

She also performed a mass ritual – disguised as a TED talk.

And she is fond of pentagrams – and associating with celebrities such as Jay-Z and Lady Gaga.

Marina Abramovich's work of art titled 'Lips of Thomas'
Marina Abramovic’s work of art titled ‘Lips of Thomas’

Here she is performing with Jay-Z – a man not shy about proclaiming Satanic beliefs.

Perhaps we we shouldn’t be surprised Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager John Podesta attends Satanic Spirit Cooking dinners. After all, Hillary Clinton appears to have banned use of the word “God” during her campaign. Watch this woman struggle with her natural instincts while Hillary smiles knowingly at her side.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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    • “Laurie Anderson,” that’s interesting. She married Lou Reed. I know some of her music from 80’s, strange almost talking pieces but I didn’t know she did performance pieces anything like this. I remember Karen Finely from the 80’s who used to shove things up her ass on stage. Also I saw Marina do a piece here in a gallery during the mid-90’s where she sat on a chair which sat on dry ice and then snakes were released that ended up climbing on her because she was the only warm body. What was strange was the atmosphere …here was this naked woman in a chair with snakes on her while waiters went among the crowd…with trays of food and drink. Very hedonistic obviously…debased feeling.

  1. Has Satanism infiltrated the Washington elite? Ha, ha, ha, that’s funny – can’t recall a time when Washington was free of Satanism.

  2. This isn’t satanic ritual, people, trust me. This is some silly “artist” and her sad attempt at shock value. Don’t give this clown the satisfaction of justification.

    • If these people believe that they are worshiping satan, they are. Not all Christian churches follow the same rituals, so it’s not much of a stretch to think that satanists don’t either.

    • There are A LOT of different rituals, ans some will get extra powerfull in public. That why we see it on stages in mtv awards etc.

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