Wells Fargo Insider Says Bank Is Preparing For Emergency Scenario

Fact checked
Insider says Wells Fargo are preparing for an imminent emergency

A Wells Fargo bank insider, who claims to be a teller, has said that the bank are training their staff to deal with an imminent “emergency scenario”.

The insider reports:

I am a teller at Wells Fargo here in the US this is also my first time using this proxy.

They started training us today for a bank holiday. They didnt mention the word bank holiday, but they did train us for an “emergency scenario”. They told us it’s just a drill. Ive been working here for 3 years, and we never had a drill before..

They said that during an emergency, they would close the doors and only allow 3 people at a time inside of the branch. Also, my branch manager said that we would have armed guards during the emergency.

The last thing they mentioned is that they wont store alot of cash in the vault, since it will be a safety issue….

just wanted to share this with you guys.

Superstation95.com reports:

A call by SuperStation95 to Wells Fargo Corporate Headquarters in San Francisco to verify these claims was met with a terse “no comment.”


If taken at face value and believed, why would Wells Fargo be doing this?  What “emergency” could take place that might cause people to swarm to a bank in such numbers that they would have to lock the bank and only allow three customers in at a time?

A bank collapse?   An economic collapse?  a Currency collapse?

None of these things would be good and if the claims above are true, it is a dangerous signal to the rest of us to get some money out to tie-us-over for a month or so in the event everything shuts down.

In a banking emergency, CREDIT AND DEBIT CARDS WILL NOT WORK.   ATM’s will not work.  Banks will be closed so that you cannot even enter your own safe deposit box.

Do you have enough cash money on-hand to get through for a couple weeks operating solely on cash?  If not, you’d better get that taken care of — fast.

We’re not even talking about making payments on your debts during that time, but rather only using the cash to get food, fuel and such to live!  Could you make-it for a month without access to any financial tools or bank cash?

Do you have spare food in the house if stores stop taking credit cards- or the cards don’t work?  How will you eat if everything remains cash-only for a month?

These are legitimate questions you should be asking yourself right now.  Time may be very short.  An economic collapse would take place with lightning speed and by the time you realize what’s happening, people will already be storming the banks and supermarkets trying to stock-up.  Waiting until it actually happens is waiting too long; you’ll be too late.

A word to the wise: Prepare.