‘Weak’ Biden and Democrat ‘Pussies’ Are To Blame For Russian Invasion, Says Ukraine Official

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A top Ukraine government official has slammed Joe Biden and the Democrats, stating that their weak foreign policy emboldened Putin’s Russia to invade Ukraine.

“If Democrats weren’t such pussies in foreign policy, this might not have happened,” the Ukraine official said.

The official spoke to The Daily Wire about the Biden administration on the condition of anonymity.

However, the official says the Biden admin should have done more to help Ukraine prepare for the invasion, as per the Budapest Memorandum.

The source told the outlet that support has been lacking and, what has come, has been “too little, too late.”

As Russian forces edge close to the capital city of Kyiv, Ukraine has continued to put up a fight.

“The Obama-Biden administration has refused lethal aid to Ukraine for a long time,” the official told The Daily Wire.

“It was Trump who was the first to provide some Javelins to Ukraine, then Biden started sending Javelins in mass just before invasion.

“But too little, too late.”

“Biden’s first step in office was to lift sanctions on Nord Stream 2.

“Now he applies them heavily. Now it’s too late,” he continued. 

“If Democrats did not play into the weak policy of not sending weapons to Ukraine and lifting sanctions on Nord Stream 2, Putin would probably think twice or three times.”

“Also, we never understood why would Biden say that no U.S. troops would be involved,” he added.

“Even if he did not intend to, why say it when no one asked?

“At least [he] could have speculated on the possibility to deter an attack.”

The fighting words come as fierce battles continue in Kyiv, the Ukrainian capital, as well as other major cities in the nation.

Americans appear to agree that Biden’s performance has been pathetic.

According to an ABC/WaPo poll, less than a third of Americans approve of Biden’s weak handling of the conflict.

On Friday, Biden made an offer to Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zalensky, to evacuate him from his country — an offer he refused, saying he needed ammo, not a plane ticket.

When asked what Ukraine needs now, the official said, “Rifles, bullets, Javelins, Stingers.

“Freeze all Russian USD and EUR assets.”

Baxter Dmitry

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