‘We Are At War’ With Russia & Trump Is ‘Compromised’ Says DNC Chair

Democratic National Committee Chair Tom Perez has declared that the US is ‘at war’ with Russia and slammed President Donald Trump for being ‘compromised.’

“We are at war now. It is a cyber war,” Perez told CNN’s “New Day.” “Unfortunately, because our commander in chief is compromised, the federal government is asleep at the switch. … We can’t expect help from the administration.”

RT reports: Perez told CNN’s Alisyn Camerota on her show New Day, adding that the president was disloyal to the country for “weaponizing” hacked material.

“When the Russians called Donald Trump and said ‘I got dirt on Hillary Clinton,’ they should have called the authorities,”Perez said, apparently referring to the Trump Tower meeting between Donald Trump Jr. and Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya. “Instead they said ‘tell us what you got.’That’s not right.”

Back in 2016, however, the DNC had no qualms about relying on a foreign intelligence officer, Christopher Steele, to dig up dirt on then-candidate Donald Trump from various informants and ‘weaponize’ it in preparation for the presidential election. Steele later admitted sourcing his info from unverified internet sources – but not before it catalyzed two years of ‘Russiagate’ conspiracy theories and a costly Special Counsel investigation that ultimately found no collusion between Trump and Russia.

Veselnitskaya, interestingly, met with Fusion GPS founder Glenn Simpson on both the days before and after her meeting with Donald Trump Jr. Fusion GPS is the research firm that paid for Christopher Steele’s kompromat job on Trump.

When asked if his party would accept leaked information on President Trump’s tax returns, Perez gave a non-answer.

“Well, again, we are entitled to that,” he said. “If you look at the law that chairman Neil of the House Ways and Means Committee is using. It’s clear. It doesn’t say you are entitled to [release your tax returns] except for the taxes of the president of the United States.”

Although the Mueller probe did not find any link between the Kremlin and the Trump campaign, to the utter disappointment of some liberal media pundits, the collusion narrative has survived. The media continues to speculate whether Trump was somehow compromised by Russia and is on Putin’s leash. Democrats, including certain presidential hopefuls, have not given up on their hopes to oust Trump from office through impeachment proceedings, with Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Sen. Kamala Harris among the latest to join the rallying cry.


  1. The Rothschild-Clinton plan was to start a war with Russia. It appears the DNC is still trying. War with Russia would mean certain annihilation for both countries. In the war games at sea the Russians were able to neutralize our navy with ease using advanced technology to shut down an entire ship – dead in the water. It would be utter folly to provoke the bear. Why not work with Russia instead of annihilating one another. In the war games the US always lost to Russia and China. In reality the people always lose in wars.

    • It’s the British & Brussels the Alt.Left Progressives leaders that want War with Russia.. American Democrats & Liberal Fakenews Media are there Tools to Provoke War. A example that Bogus Skriptnal Poisoning of 2 ex spys.. The Euro-who’re Elite’s want to steal Russias Land, There gold deposits alone are worth Trillions..

  2. He is from Buffalo, NY. He is just one of the typical Democrat that have been brainwashed here. The only place I know where we build a $1 Billion facility and lease it for $1 a year for ten years to Tesla. Yep the typical Democrat with Superior intelligence.

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