Was Housing Manager Murdered Because He Was About To Expose Paedophile Ring?

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Was Housing Manager Murdered Because He Was About To Expose Paedophile Ring?

The Lambeth Council housing manager who was allegedly murdered three days after he told a colleague that he was about to ‘spill the beans’, may have been about to expose a paedophile ring, according to a previously unpublished report.

The report reveals claims from those within the council that Bulic Forsythe, a manager in the housing department during the 90’s may have discovered council property was being used to carry out abuse.

Detectives are now investigating claims that Forsythe was silenced by a children’s home vice ring said to have included a future minister in Tony Blair’s government.

The Mail Online report: Mr Forsythe’s death in 1993 was the subject of a BBC Crimewatch appeal, which revealed three men were seen carrying files from his flat in Clapham the following day. His bedroom was later torched and the oven turned on.

His widow, Dawn, has said she believed someone ‘wanted to shut him up’.

The Lambeth report documents claim senior figures in the council were using its premises for the rape of women and children.

They allegedly used the basement of Lambeth’s housing headquarters because ‘sexual assault could be performed without fear of interruption’.

A senior staff member is accused in the report of watching material with ‘sadistic, bestial and paedophile themes’ which ‘may have been home-produced by staff or people with whom they associated’. A female employee reportedly claimed she was raped on council property alongside children and animals by senior figures in the council.

The report states: ‘The murder of Bulic Forsythe was seen by some witnesses as a possible outcome for anyone who strayed too far in their investigation or for those who asked too many questions.’ Three senior members of staff were sacked but no police investigation took place, despite the report recommending a criminal inquiry.

Dr Nigel Goldie, former Lambeth assistant director of social services, said yesterday he believed this was because of a culture of wanting to keep things ‘behind closed doors’.

‘People will be incredulous,’ he said. ‘How can it be that a report raising all sorts of issues of sexual abuse and a range of different kinds of rather weird practices could not have led to a more thorough investigation.’

The Metropolitan Police said it was considering the report as part of Operation Trinity, its investigation into alleged abuse at children’s homes in the borough.

Lambeth Council said it was ‘determined to do all we can to support this renewed push to tackle the issue, and ensure offenders who previously escaped justice are now held to account’.