VIDEO: The Secrets Of Washington Monument

Washington Monument

The guys at “The Stuff They Don’t Want You To Know” have posted a great new video with some strange new facts about the Washington Monument.

The Washington Monument is one of the most interesting and bizarre monuments in the world.

Watch the video below and let us know what you think!

  • E Bennett


  • Brad Watson

    Some other Secrets of the Washington Monument…

    Everything about it is Masonic/Freemasonry.

    It is located at the ‘heart’ of the ‘Grand Cross’ formed with the National Mall being centered at Capitol Hill (Congress) – its foot. The Washington Monument is in the central intersection where the White House is to the north, the Lincoln Memorial to the west, and the Jefferson Memorial to the south.

    There are 5 points to the Cross and the WM was designed to be 555 feet high.
    “As Above, So Below” has always been the precept of ‘sacred geometry’. The obelisk not only points up, its reflection pool points down.

    The WM was completed in 1888 – 74 years after Washington City was burned by the British. (A hurricane and tornado put out the fires in biblical fashion.) The Masonic(7,74) Code(4) of GOD=7_4 algorithm turned up here.


    The obelisk is a temple of the Sun-god. It acts as a sundial. The WM as seen from the air is located inside of a vesica piscis formed by two circles intersecting.

    Its capstone is very symbolic! “Laus Deo” (Praise God) points towards the morning Sun. Laus Deo=77, Christ=77.
    The WM was not only damaged by the earthquake a few years ago, he has been struck by lightning some any times that it is now a tiny bit short of 555 feet.

  • Hyrum

    It’s a Masonic/Occult symbol. It represents the demon-god baal and a phalus among other things.