Video: What Is Project Blue Beam?

Fact checked
project blue beam

Many believe that project blue beam is a program developed by NASA to simulate a fake UFO event or the second coming of Christ.

The top secret program allegedly deals with projection technology that can be utilized to make virtual images that appear to be very real.

As part of the religious aspect of the new world order,  this secret technology could be used to usher in a new one world religion… using holograms

Below is a great video for those who are new to the Blue Beam Project….and remember whatever technology is revealed to the public is only ever the ‘tip of the iceberg’

This video is a update on some new tech that is beyond 3D Holographic . It will answer the real reason for conspiracy chemtrails in the skies!

Whether you believe it possible or not, this will get you thinking and is fascinating to watch

By Nicholson1968