Video: Mind Control In TV Commercials

This video exposes a television commercial that the federal government aired.

Hidden in the video are some very disturbing hidden messages.

In other related news McDonalds was busted using subliminal messages by means of flashing their logo really fast so that your subconscious mind sees it.


  • Paul Kersey

    People have no idea how widespread this is. The government is doing this everywhere. The government knows they simply cannot control over three hundred million people. The government would be wiped out in a day. So they do it with mind control. Control the mind, Control the body. And there doing one hell of a good job at it. People need to wake the hell up before it’s to late. This is almost exactly like the movie They Live. Without the aliens involved. WAKE UP. STOP being told what to buy. STOP being told what to think. STOP being told if you don’t worship the government you’re no good and unpatriotic. When people go to court they tell you to rise for the judge. WHY? BECAUSE IT IS AN ACT OF WORSHIP. If the government told you to bow before your master most would not. So STAND they tell you. IT’S THE SAME DAM THING BUT IN REVERSE. It is Satanic. The government is going to drag you all into Hell. Life is short. Hell is forever. All of these cop shows on TV also serve the governments purpose. There is 85,000 cop shows on the air. All day and all night. And it’s always the same dam thing. Someone does something “bad”. They investigate and always catch the “bad” guy. Don’t people realize that the government is just using mind control to control your subconscious into thinking that you can’t hide anything from them. They make you think don’t ever disobey your masters or this is what we will do to you. They will point at the TV and say look! We will do this to you. We will hurt you and go after your family. I can’t wait for God to wipe the scourge from the face of the deep.