VIDEO: Mars Stonehenge Discovered?

Fact checked

A new group of images from Mars appears to show a round circular geological formation of stones that many are saying we could be witnessing a “Martian Stonehenge”.

According to GeoBeats News:Paging Mulder and Scully: Mars needs your assistance.

The Internet is once again speculating about space aliens based on an odd formation spotted on Mars.

This time, people think they see a Stonehenge-like construction on the Red Planet.
It’s already been quickly deemed “Marshenge” by intrepid speculators.

Images of this particular area on Mars’ surface indeed reveal a circular formation of stones.

The phenomenon, however, is likely explained by a cycle of natural processes like freezing and thawing patterns on Earth that result in larger rocks forming distinct shapes.

The tendency to see familiar objects in unfamiliar visual stimuli is called pareidolia.

The phenomenon is not uncommon among Martian watchers, as people have previously claimed to see a floating spoon and a wandering woman in images of our neighboring planet—but they’re essentially just optical illusions.