Video: Is This The Reason Why Princess Diana Was Assassinated?

Ex MI5 agent Annie Machon speaks out about why she believes Princess Diana was killed.

Not only was Princess Diana campaigning against land mines, but she was also planning to start a campaign to help the Palestinians just before her fatal auto accident.

Could this have been the reason why Diana was assassinated? Watch the video and share your comments below.

Youtube video by t6658, originally uploaded by TheFlexEffect


  • Yoonis

    Was Israel behind her death?

  • Peggy

    I wouldn’t put it past them. She was a breeder tho! Once she gave them two heirs in the blood line, they didn’t need her any more. I don’t really think they needed a specific reason. It was all about the blood line to them. He had a love of his life, and didn’t want her in the first place.

  • Heliweli

    I reckon she was knew too much, she was a liability to the royals and the establishment.

  • colin

    The only problem i have is ,if the driver had not been driving like a lunatic,this crash would not have happend,

  • Richard Carter

    Mohammed Fayed is not entitled to use the ‘Al’ that he uses to exaggerate his importance. In Arabic ‘al’ means ‘the’ and if before a name implies that the user is the top person in the use of that name.

  • hiphop

    Why would she want to help a terrorist group of people????