Video: How Big Pharma Is Killing Cancer Patients


The video below explains how Big Pharma is killing cancer patients.

Abby Martin highlights last years report from the World Health Organization (WHO) that predicted global cancer rates to rise by 57% over the next 20 years.


She calls attention to the battle over generic cancer medicine and the threat posed by pharmaceutical companies who put profits before human need.

Youtube video by breakingtheset

  • Maria Larsson

    No, please don’t start a war on cancer!

    The war on drugs created more drugs,
    the war on terrorism created more terrorists.

    If you want to start any war you should maybe start a war on happyness, on jobs, on money, on love…

  • Wesley Renfroe

    cancer is a damn hoax. for one thing THEY are giving us cancer by putting ppoison in everything-our food, air, water, vaccines ect ect. and there are at least a dozen hidden cures so while they murder us with a depopulation agenda they milk us of our money before they slow kill us as cancer is a 200 billion dollar a year business. over half the pharmacy business is owned by the rockefellers. its one of the biggest jokes on humanity. abby needs to get her facts strait

  • c_chandler

    big pharma is causing all kinds of havoc in america, anything except better health.