Video Footage Shows Demon at Pro-Abortion Protest Outside John Roberts’ Home

Fact checked
Demon spotted in crowd protesting outside John Roberts' home

A video taken at a pro-abortion protest on Saturday outside of Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts’ home appears to show a demon in the crowd.

Below is the video showing the demonic entity. It appears at the 15-second mark: reports: The Gateway Pundit searched other videos from the event. What we can confirm is two girls were walking together and chanting during the protest outside of Roberts’ home.

They were seen walking together.

They can be seen here in this video.

We are not saying the girls are demons.  We are reporting a demon-like image appears in the screengrab. In fact, the demon looks nothing like the female protester in the video.  So how do you explain this?

So what happened? What transformed one of the women during that instant?