Video: Extreme Winds Blow Train off New Orleans Bridge

Fact checked

This week some powerful wind storms have been hitting the New Orleans, Louisiana area, causing damage to cars, homes, and a massive train.  

On the Huey P. Long bridge, just a few miles from the bustling New Orleans French Quarter and downtown area, the bridge was experiencing such horrific winds that it was blown off the tracks, crashing to the ground.

The International Business Times reports:

Severe thunderstorms and heavy winds on Monday blew 11 rail cars off the Huey P. Long Bridge, a three-lane bridge in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana. The rail cars plunged from the bridge on the east bank of the Mississippi River during heavy storms that rolled through the New Orleans area.


No injuries have been reported following the blown over rail cars. The Huey P. Long Bridge was built in 1935 and cost $13.4 million.