Video: BLM Terrorists Harass Restaurant Customers During Michigan Protest

BLM activists harass restaurant patrons in Michigan

A Black Lives Matter mob marched through a group of restaurant patrons in Ann Arbor, Michigan Sunday night, terrorizing them as they quietly ate their meals.

Protestors shouted “Out of the restaurants and into the streets,” as diners looked on in horror. reports: One older gentleman stood to express his displeasure with the marchers. Someone shouted “Sit down, grandpa,” Gutenschwager reported.

The protesters continued down the street and passed a police car while shouting, “power to the people.”

The protesters yelled, “How do you spell murderers?  AAPD!” for Ann Arbor Police Department.

The protests came on the sixth anniversary of the officer-involved shooting death of Aura Rosser, Gutenschwager stated.