Victim Sold To Elite Pedophile Ring Goes Public -Video

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Woman raped by elite paedophile politicians as a child, speaks of her harrowing experiences with Dr Phil

A brave woman who was sold to an elite paedophile ring has gone public with her harrowing story to millions of viewers via Dr. Phil’s national broadcast.

The woman, who now goes by the name of Kendall, claims she was sold by her parents at birth to a sex trafficker.

Sexually abused before she could even talk, Kendall states that politicians are trafficking children for sex in an international pedophile ring.

She says she had six fake passports and was flown all over the world on private jets to ‘meet’ wealthy clients.

Dr. Phil confirmed that he is 100 percent certain that she is telling the truth.

Filming cops report:

She was interviewed today on Dr. Phil’s national broadcast to millions of viewers, the first appearance she has made on television after breaking out of her confinement and fleeing from sex traffickers.

What she describes is profoundly unsettling, and Dr. Phil confirms that he “100% believes” that she is telling the truth.

She says that she was sold by her very own parents at birth to an elite pedophile ring made up of police, politicians, and other powerful men and women.  Some of these pedophiles are extremely wealthy and have their own islands. One of them even owns a major sports team.

She says the politicians forced her to rape other children as young as five, broke her bones, sat on her, and even made her kill.

She also described “hunting parties” that the pedophile ring hosts. On their private lands, they make multiple children run and hide in fear. Then they begin literally hunting the children as if they were hunting animals. They find the children, rape them, and torture them for fun.

When asked about the first time she was raped by them, she said that it happened when she was at a very young age. Indeed they began raping her before she could even speak, she replied.

The audience was horrified to hear the details, but also supportive.

Kendall described how they put children in cages and suspend the cages from ceilings. The pedophiles trafficked her around the world to be raped by other elites. Dr. Phil says many of the elites are believed to be “pillars of their communities” but when they are behind closed doors with children, they are evil and sadistic.

The pedophile politicians took great care to hide what they were doing. They would dress her in nice clothes so that nobody ever knew she was a sex slave. They have been raping children for many years, she says, and it’s a reality that the politicians involved are completely hiding from voters.

Corrupt police are also said to be included among the many clients who are part of the elite pedophile network.

It is the latest example to emerge among several others of what is being called #PedoGate. #PedoGate refers to an international pedophile ring composed of politicians and other moguls.