Gardasil and DTaP vaccines top hit list

DTaP and Gardasil side effects
Colton Berrett was paralysed after the HPV vaccine

A bitter war of words is raging between the manufacturers of vaccine DTaP and whistleblowers over vaccines. Critics believe there is a causal link to autism and even death.

The government’s own drug administrators are compelled to adopt guerrilla-style tactics to get suppressed information out into the public domain.

In the late 1950s the world’s entire population was the same as China’s is now at 1.3 billion people. Autism was only identified in 1 in 80,000 children in the US. Today it is at 1 in 54 and the ratio is worsening rapidly every year as new figures are published.

The pharma industry who manufacture vaccines like DTaP fiercely deny there is any identifiable connection and  refute claims by critics despite the fact the US government has paid out over $3 bn in settlements for vaccine damage.

In a new guide to the alleged worst offenders, website breaks it down into seven vaccines. Vaccines which are commonly administered to children and young adults all over the world.  The annual revenue from just one shot at $200 a pop given to four million youngsters annually in the US alone represents a vast economic monster. Trouble is no one seems to want to interrupt the monster’s progress despite serious question marks being raised about safety.

Even when the government itself issues data on identified links to side effects from vaccines like DTaP like it did in this report, the industry ignores peer-reviewed warnings. Instead of investigating the deaths and horrific side-effects, it  continues with the now compulsory vaccination programme loading up infants and young children with toxin levels their young renal systems can’t break down fast enough.

Consider the case of Colton Berrett. He received the Gardasil HPV vaccine at 13 years old, and soon afterwards became paralyzed from the neck down. After many months of recovery, he needs a breathing apparatus and still suffers some paralysis.

His mother states in this interview that they are still seeing the same pediatrician, who reported the vaccine to VAERS. He no longer gives the vaccine to boys and cautions girls as well.

There is an under-appreciated difference between what the body can stand absorbing through the lungs and digestive system as opposed to chemicals contained in vaccines like DTaP which are injected directly into muscle or the blood stream. When this crosses the blood/brain barrier, which vaccines do, mercury, pesticide or animal parts have a destructive and sometimes catastrophic effect on the body.

Despite the identified effects of multiple vaccine shots which now number close to 80 for children before they reach the age of 8 in the US and secret work on using vaccines to change the genetic makeup of target groups like potential terrorists, as this shocking Defense Department presentation shows, the vaccine industry, and it is an industry like the $166 bn a year cancer industry is, continues to plough a furrow through our children’s futures unabated.

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