US TV’s “Long Island Medium” Investigated For Fraud

Teresa Caputo, who is the star of one of America’s most popular cable television shows, “Long Island Medium”, is under investigation for fraud, according to reports.  The show, which focuses around self-proclaimed psychic medium Teresa Caputo and her work as a medium alongside storylines involving her husband and two grown children.  

Reports claim that many are unsatisfied with her readings and are alleging she has lots of people and sources helping her make her readings seem real.  Caputo has been plagued by these accusations for years,  the US based newspaper “The Christian Post” reported on it last year

they wrote: The Christian Post:

“Long Island Medium” star Theresa Caputo is reportedly under investigation for fraud and many of her so-called clients are dissatisfied with their readings and claim Caputo has no real “gift” but plenty of sources helping her pull off a scam.

“Theresa is like a vulture preying on the most vulnerable,” private investigator Ron Tebo told Radar Online. “I think it’s despicable.”

Tebo runs a fraud complaint website,, and has been reportedly speaking with several of Caputo’s clients, all of whom say that they were disappointed or let down by their reading.

He has accused Caputo of having people investigate her clients before meeting with them in order to provide a more accurate reading, or simply going with the age-old trick of asking a very vague question in order to get a client to spill everything.”

Long Island Medium

However Caputo, a year later is soldiering on, profiting from her success.

An article published earlier this month titled “‘Long Island Medium’ Theresa Caputo Designing Jewelry Amid Fraud Claims” in M Starz News said:

“Theresa Caputo might have six seasons of a hit TV show under her belt, as well as a book and a national tour, but the Long Island Medium star is using her fame to cash in on even more business deals. While the star has been dealing with fraud allegations when it comes to her act, she has decided to start a new business endeavor by releasing a line of jewelry.

That’s right, pretty soon fans will be able to wear a piece of Caputo wherever they go.”

But, is that what the audience really wants?

Back in January of this year, M Starz also published an article titled “‘Long Island Medium’ Theresa Caputo A Fake? Psychic Cancels Tour Amid Fraud Claims: Did Andy Cohen Have Anything To Do With It?” and had this to say:

She might be from Long Island but is she still a medium? Star of TLC series Long Island Medium, Theresa Caputo is coming under fire today as she just cancelled a slew of her psychic shows during the upcoming weeks. The 47-year-old reality star has been on tour since 2012, where she has taken her show of live readings across the county. However, in recent months the star’s credibility has come under questioning as many think that she is just putting on an act.

According to Radar Online, Theresa has drawn some criticism and speculation from fans and followers, saying that she is giving up on performing, as she currently doesn’t have any upcoming events listed on her website.

Radar is reporting that this lapse in shows is odd, since the TLC star has been performing pretty regularly since 2012.

“This is very unusual. She is always on tour around this time. Something is definitely up,” a source explained to the site.

According to The Inquistr, Theresa’s credibility might be fading after she had an exposé written about her, by journalist Jaime Franchi, who had seen one of her live performances.


“For me, this unbelievable experience was simply that: not to be believed. In my humble opinion, Caputo is a damn good performer, and she’s got undeniably likable sass and charisma,” Franchi wrote. “I just don’t think she speaks with the dead.”

Bravo executive Andy Cohen also slammed Caputo in his book, The Andy Cohen Diaries, claiming that when he asked her to contact his late bestie, Natasha Richardson, she was unable to do so.

“I asked for a few minutes with her afterwards to see if Natasha would come through,” the Watch What Happens Live host explained, adding, ” She didn’t, so it was a lot of fishing.”



  • Deneice Holbert

    What morons out there think that “spirit” is going to come through on a scheduled date and time? I am sure there are unhappy people “Andy Cohen” because someone on the other side did not want to be bothered talking to him. Or anybody. Really your mom is dead 35 years and you think she hasn’t gotten a life on the other side? Not for nothing but people are 100000% unrealistic.

    • LindaFromNewYork

      Obviously you have never gone to a medium.

  • Alixandria

    I don’t know if she is or was ever a fraud, but I am a psychic medium and my experience is that getting a spirit to communicate with you clearly and on a regular basis isn’t realistic. Sometimes it’s really cool and just like the person is right there talking to you, but other times (more often) that the desired spirit doesn’t come through well. I can do, and have done, what she’s done, but not on a regular basis and not with consistent results. For me to have a show where every reading is right on, would probably take months.

    • MBDK

      Well you may not know if she is a fraud (I do), but you certainly are.

      • Horizon

        Mediumship is a real ability. Just because you don’t possess the ability, doesn’t mean no one can. Maybe opening your mind just a tiny bit…. Well, with such a tiny mind, THAT might mean you were wide open! ….would expand your horizons.

        • MBDK

          “Mediumship is a real ability.”

          No, it isn’t. However, scamming and self-delusion are. There is a big difference between having an open mind and claiming to have one. Yours seems to be closed to the reality of the junk peddled by con artists.

          • horizon

            I didn’t say that Caputo is a medium. You assume too much. There are plenty of con artists out there and unfortunately they are the ones who make it to public view. The existance of the scammers does not invalidate those who do possess ability. Nor does it mean that you are open minded. You very obviously are not. There are many colors besides black and white, my friend.

          • MBDK

            “You very obviously are not.” Hmmm..talked about a closed mind – look in the mirror. The fact is I do TRY to keep an open mind, but I also try to also inspect and analyze whatever I let in. I have looked into many of those with such supposed “ability”, and have yet to see any convincing evidence. Instead, those that make such claims have so far been easily debunked. Having an open mind does NOT, at least in my case, mean accepting every whimsical notion as having equal value and validity. When I stand on the railroad tracks at night and see a strong single light approaching rapidly, I will assume it’s an oncoming train. If you, or anyone else, claims it could be a night spirit coming to say hello, I’ll gladly let them attempt to prove so. However, I will step off the track, and attempt to convince you/them to do so also. If you believe someone has the ability to communicate with a “spirit world”, that’s your business. But don’t expect me to allow you or anyone involved in such activity to take advantage of me or someone I care about without definitive proof.

          • horizon

            Try harder instead of making ad hominem attacks. You have no defense for attacking the first commenter here, and trying to backpedal your way out of it now doesn’t work.

          • MBDK

            I am NOT backpedaling. The claim for having actual medium-type abilities, despite the proliferation of such claims, is to date, scientifically and morally unfounded. I welcome any demonstrable tangible proof, but until then, the person IS committing fraud, even though they may not realize it. Why YOU defend such outlandish claims speaks volumes about YOUR gullibility, and holds no sway over the facts.

          • horizon

            Please show your scientific and moral facts. Oh wait… You don’t have any. What you do have is that somebody hurt your feelings and you are incapable of accepting that there are many things that exist outside of your experience. Let’s see…..any telepathy/ mediumship/ esp ability could not exist because YOU have no experience with it. Take a person from the most isolated rainforest and explain the internet to them. Do you think they would believe that information could be transmitted from one (or thousands) of places to other places without being seen, touched, or heard? Do you think they would understand cell phones? No? Then apply that same understanding to your willful mind closing and self blinding, and you can understand how ignorant you are showing yourself to be.

          • MBDK

            You are trying to rationalize your own beliefs in the irrational. There is ZERO reputable science that affirms the supernatural in any way. There is however, PLENTY of evidence that such things have been and are being faked throughout history – such charlatans ARE immoral. There has NEVER been even ONE that has been considered to be authentic in the long run (there have been several VERY good fakers that fooled some scientists for a while, but of course they just brought more attention to themselves that eventually exposed their fraud). It is merely your belief that allows you to ignore facts and concentrate on only the “hits” such so-called mediums supposedly get. Here is a video that shows EXACTLY what happens:

            Now, I want to emphasize that this does NOT mean you are stupid, but rather human. I am the same way, as I am human. We ALL do this to some extent, and many, many studies conclusively show that remembering the things we want to (usually good) and discarding other menial “bad” events are human traits. One example is an optical illusion. It is just another faucet of what our brain is capable of – we fool ourselves ALL the time, even when we “know” better. The hard part is trying to recognize it in ourselves when we do it, and accepting the truth when the facts come out.

          • Debra Taylor


          • Debra Taylor


          • Debra Taylor

            Yep Its all about the money. She could care less about the people she scams. She tries to be funny. I dont think she is funny at all She is a loud mouth con artist.. Read the Bible. Look up what it says about mediums. All of them are frauds. People need to wake up.

        • Debra Taylor

          Do not seek out mediums. Lest ye be defiled by them. She doesn’t have a gift. She is a fraud. A rich one I might add.

          • Dennis

            And yet you believe is a being that is not real…God, Santa Claus…Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny, it’s all fake people,…You should believe in SCIENCE AND FACTS…Get off the magical mystery tour and understand facts not wishes.

      • Alixandria

        No, I’m not a fraud. I’m also not a scammer. I have a very strong and decades-long reputation as being honest. I am all over the internet, it wouldn’t be too hard for you to find me and people who can say I am honest. I am also pretty quick to warn people about scammers.

        • MBDK

          Not a fraud? Do you charge for your “services”? Why do people have to come to you? If you COULD communicate with the dead, the dead would seek YOU out to pass along messages and tell you who to send them to. And why don’t you ask them (the dead) about the significance of religion. Which one, if any, is right? Is it okay to kill in God’s name? Why don’t you get answers for something important, like the specifics of when another disaster is coming? You are either a fraud, or delusional. Perhaps honestly delusional, but I doubt it.

          • Alixandria

            I usually charge for my “services” the same way that anyone does who is working. I also frequently do free readings. People have to come to me because it is bad manners to pick up on someone without their permission. I have occasionally approached a total stranger about something that I’m picking up from them, but I didn’t push the issue if they seemed uncomfortable with me talking to them. Sometimes spirits DO seek out mediums to give them a message for someone. It would be cool as all shit if it really worked the way it was in “Ghost”, with all the spirits telling her all sorts of stuff. Hollywood crap. There is no one tried-and-true method for the living to reliably communicate with spirits. It can be a real challenge to get a clear message from one living person to another, try it when one of them is dead and may or may not have a strong connection to this reality. Why do you think I HAVEN’T asked spirits about religion and all sorts of other stuff? Why do you seem to think that just because someone dies that they have access to all information? My dad doesn’t know more about Jesus now than he did when he was alive, but he does have a lot better understanding of his life and his loved ones’ lives than he did. All religions have part of the truth. Because humans are so different, there is no one spiritual path that works for all of mankind. Being a devout Catholic has been a source of incredible strength for my Aunt Doris. My path works very well for me, but it is not right for her at all. I don’t know you to be able to answer for you if it is okay to kill in your god’s name. If I ask that question of a spirit who was Christian when they were alive, their answer would possibly be quite different than if I ask a Native American spirit who didn’t believe in the Christian god. I have asked about important matters. Many times the answers are annoyingly vague. The one I get the most that really pisses me off is, “You aren’t supposed to know now.” I hate that shit. About a month ago I got the information that ISIS is nowhere near as powerful and pervasive as Americans have been lead to believe; that very many “acts of terrorism” supposedly done by ISIS have been done by various sources, our own government being one of them. The actual perpetrators give ISIS the credit/blame to falsely make it seem bigger and worse. I asked why in the hell that would be done and the answer I got was so that we (Americans) would get used to war, terrorism and chaos being part of our lives and become much easier to manipulate through fear. War mongers make shitloads of money off of fear, whether it’s valid or not. You seem almost scared to believe that some people actually do use their gifts to help others. As everyone is born with 5 physical senses, they are also born with at least one sense connected with their mind. Humans are so much more than just their bodies (as people like Stephen Hawking prove). Why would a creator do something so illogical as to attribute 5 senses to the body and none to the brain and mind? I’m not a fraud, no matter how desperately you wish I was. I am also not delusional, and I appreciate you allowing yourself to believe that I’m not.

          • MBDK

            SO, your reply is essentially that all the rules for communicating with the dead are weighted to favor someone who could easily fraudulently claim to have such abilities.
            Why do I think you haven’t asked pertinent USEFUL questions? Because I think you know you can’t, because you CAN’T talk to the dead. And as for your cop-out answers about religion, what your answer basically says, is all religions are right, because each person’s beliefs come true when they die, including getting dozens of virgins when you blow yourself and many innocent people to bits.
            The fact of the matter is life is difficult on so many levels and if the spirits of our ancestors wanted to comfort us, they would do and/or say something more than “there, there.” They would actually make it worthwhile to talk to us, and not just give answers that only occasionally impress the emotionally distraught.
            Finally, if you want me to think of you as non-delusional, it would help if you quit communicating that impression.

          • Debra Taylor

            Good point. Some people rather believe a lie than the truth

        • Vicki

          I was a critical care nurse for many years not only did I care for patients with near death experiences who remembered details of us working on them while they were technically dead describing what we did in accurate details, but I also witnessed events that could at times be considered miracles. I DO BELIEVE THERE ARE MANY PSYCHICS THAT ARE SCAMS BUT SOME ARE REAL. I took care of one patient in a CCU years ago that was a warlock head of a coven he gave me names of people that I had met years ago that he couldn’t possibly know and helped confirm my belief in a greater power, no he was not demonic. He was placed in my life at a time I needed reassurance and had doubts about my own purpose in life. Nothing is an accident or mere coincidence, there will always be skeptics and liars but I know beyond a doubt there is a higher power and some who truly have a connection to the other side.

      • Debra Taylor

        She is a fraud for sure. A rich one.

    • Tarnia Sand

      I would like to see her perform live to a large audience that DOES NOT have to fill out an extensive questionaire prior to the show. That would prove she was the real deal but that will never happen. Some people just need to hear what they want to hear. Don’t think they even care if it’s the real deal.

  • jjthejetplane

    She looks more like a large than a medium.

    • Alixandria

      The Long Island Medium or me? We’re both short and cuddly.

      • jjthejetplane

        I’m sure you are a delight, but was referring to the Long Island Medium.

        • Alixandria

          I am a delight, but I’m a lot heavier than she is. I choose not to wear a white helmet for hair, though.

  • Tarnia Sand

    Years ago there was a ‘Columbo’ episode about a medium that was later written about as based on an experience where a so called medium was outed/ proven as fake. In the episode the medium wore an ear piece and the profiler read off answers from audience required questionaire telling medium for example ‘lady in blue dress lost her mother last year to cancer she was a retired nurse who loved to play tennis’. Then medium approaches lady blue dress…

  • FZ

    She should change her name to Clinton, say it was a mistake and they’ll let her off the hook. 🙂

  • Dennis Williams

    So if you don’t like or believe, don’t watch the show. It’s entertainment and fun entertainment. She has done no worse than our friggin so called President regarding frauds so get off her back. I am an athiest and don’t believe in the afterlife but love her show. Get a life people. The Caputo’s are incredible.