Syria: US To Unveil New Terrorist Organization As ISIS Collapses

Fact checked
Syria say the US are about to unveil a new terrorist organization shortly after ISIS fall

The Syrian government claim that the United States is about to unveil a new boogeyman terrorist organization on the world, as ISIS face annihilation at the hands of Russia and Syria. 

Senior Syrian lawmaker Ammar al-Assad claims that the US is preparing to invent an entirely new terrorist group which will emerge in the Middle East in the very near future – in much the same way that ISIS and al-Qaeda were created by Washington. reports: Noting that the US created the ISIL after annihilation of al-Qaeda, he said that preparations are now underway by Washington to create a new terrorist organization after the post-ISIL era in Syria and Iraq which will be declared in the near future.

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In relevant remarks last month, a political and media adviser to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad accused the US and its allies of financing and arming the ISIL terrorist group in a bid to tear the region apart and deplete its resources.

Bouthaina Shaaban made the remarks in a statement to journalists after meeting with visiting China’s Special Envoy for Syria Xie Xiaoyan and the accompanying delegation in Damascus.

While the US and its allies sponsor ISIL, the alliance supported by Russia and China stands against terrorist expansion in the Arab country, Shaaban said.