US Claim Of Mass Executions In Syrian Prison: ‘Sensationalism’

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mass executions

New ‘sensational’ statements by the U.S. about mass executions of prisoners in Syria is to undermine the peace talks, claims Russian senator Konstantin Kosachev.

Washington is responsible for undermining the Intra-Syrian talks which are aimed at ending the conflict.mass executions

Tass reports:

The US Department of State said on Monday it has evidence that up to 50 prisoners have been killed in Syria’s Sednaya Prison complex daily and their bodies were burnt in a specially-built crematorium to ‘cover up’ the executions. On Tuesday, Geneva is hosting the sixth round of intra-Syrian talks, which began with a meeting by UN envoy for Syria Staffan de Mistura and a delegation from the Assad administration.

“New ‘sensational’ and ‘declassified’ US revelations on the alleged ‘mass executions’ in Syria and a crematorium at the Sednaya Prison near Damascus are not very trustworthy,” Kosachev pointed out, who chairs the Russian Federation Council (upper house of parliament) Committee for Foreign Affairs.

“Now, when an absolutely new phase in the Geneva talks (held without the US) is around the corner, the Americans apparently try to once again shift attention to the ‘Assad regime,’ undermining the peace process, wishing this or not,” said Kosachev, who also heads a working group of the Inter-Parliamentary Union on Syria.

The senator said Damascus’ opponents need some ‘sensationalism’ to evade talks in the Swiss city of Geneva and in Kazakhstan’s capital Astana. “But then the US should understand that it bears a hefty responsibility for the future of the peace process in Syria,” he said.