US Man Lures Girl To Her Death Using Facebook

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15-year-old Nichole Cable
15-year-old Nichole Cable

In a recent court hearing the prosecution claimed that Kyle Dube, 21 of Orono, Maine, used a fake facebook profile to lure 15-year-old Nichole Cable to her death.

Photo: Missing Schoolgirl Nichole Cable, 15

Prosecutors said he planned to abduct her, then rescue her, to make himself look like a hero.  A jury convicted him of the schoolgirl’s murder and kidnap in 2013. reports:

Dube made up a Facebook profile using the identity of his girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend to make contact with Nichole and arrange a meeting.

Prosecutors said he planned to stage her abduction wearing a ski mask, then return later without disguise and take the credit for saving her.

But Dube’s former girlfriend testified that he had confessed to strangling the girl, for reasons which remain unclear.

Nichole was found dead of asphyxiation in the woods after an eight-day search.

Prosecutors said DNA evidence tied Dube to her disappearance.

The fake Facebook profile was also traced back to his home.

Deputy Attorney General Lisa Marchese said: “Is there a cautionary tale here? Yes.

“It’s a cautionary tale to everyone to be careful when you are using social media.”

Dube faces 25 years to life in prison for the murder conviction and up to 30 years for the kidnapping conviction.