US Helicopters Seen Evacuating ISIS Members From Syrian Prison

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Videos have appeared on YouTube and Facebook which allegedly show US forces transporting ISIS terrorists from a prison in Syria.

One witness from the town of al-Hasakah, north-east Syria told Sputnik, on the condition of anonymity, that local people had seen US helicopters landing multiple times at the local prison and then leaving.

Sputnik news reports: According to the source, they were taking away some of the Daesh (banned in Russia) terrorists, detained in that prison. There have also been reports of US military bringing munitions to this prison.

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مروحية أمريكية تهبط وتقلع بشكل دوري بعملية نقل أشخاص إلى حي غويران في الحسكة والذي تسيطر عليه قوات قسد.

Posted by ‎Syrian Reporters _ مراسلون سوريون‎ on Monday, February 19, 2018

This news comes on the hot heels of reports made by Iraqi media, which indicated that American helicopters were moving members of Daesh from the prison in al-Hasakah to their base near the village of Abu Hajar in the eastern part of Syria. According to their sources, over 100 Daesh terrorists, most of them with foreign citizenship, most likely were brought to this prison by the US from Deir ez-Zor.

In December 2017, the Russian Defense Ministry accused the US-led coalition of training jihadist militants on their base near al-Hasakah to fill up the ranks of so-called “New Syrian Army.” According to the refugee testimonies most of the trainees are ex-Daesh and Nusra Front fighters. The spokesperson for the coalition rejected the accusations, saying the claims were absurd.

Eyewitnesses also reported sighting “US military aviation” transferring Daesh commanders from the town of al-Mayadin, covering it with airstrikes, just before Syrian army entered the city in October 2017. In 2018 Chief of Iranian General Staff Major General Mohammad Hossein Baqeri accused the US of transporting Daesh terrorists to Afghanistan after they were defeated in Syria and Iraq in order to maintain tension in the region, using it as an excuse to stay there longer.



  1. Trump is the commander of the military as president. During campaigning, he promised all this would stop. Well, it hasn’t stopped! Either he has no control over foreign policy, having surrendered it for some reason, or he is just another war mongering neo-con. Here’s the new boss. Same as the old boss.

    • I hope you’re wrong but it doesn’t appear that way. Overthrowing Assad is what the Saudi’s want.

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