US Fighter Jet Downs Another UFO, This Time Over Canada

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fighter jet downs UFO

A US F-22 fighter jet shot down a unidentified cylindrical object over Canada on Saturday.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau first announced the shootdown over the northern Yukon territory, saying that Canadian forces would recover and analyze the wreckage.

The US government also shot down a UFO over Alaska on Friday claiming it put US civilian airspace at risk.

Infowars reports:Trudeau claimed he “ordered the takedown” of the UFO over the Yukon by NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command).

“I ordered the take down of an unidentified object that violated Canadian airspace. @NORADCommand shot down the object over the Yukon. Canadian and U.S. aircraft were scrambled, and a U.S. F-22 successfully fired at the object,” Trudeau tweeted.

Trudeau said he informed Joe Biden of the incident and the wreckage is being recovered.

“I spoke with President Biden this afternoon. Canadian Forces will now recover and analyze the wreckage of the object. Thank you to NORAD for keeping the watch over North America,” he added.

NORAD released a statement claiming it had identified a “high-altitude airborne object” over Northern Canada but did not clarify if it was involved in shooting down the object.