Unicef: Syria War ‘Holocaust’ Against Children Silenced By The West

Unicef described 2016 Syria war as 'holocaust' against children, amid media blackout

Unicef has issued a horrific report claiming that an unofficial ‘holocaust’ killing huge numbers of children in Syria has been completely ignored by the West. 

According to the report, 2016 saw the Syrian war kill more children than any other year, with 652 dead as a result of the West’s meddling in the country.

255 of the children killed where in or a near a school, according to the report, which is a 20% jump from the number killed during 2015. The UN concludes that 2016 marks the worst  year for ‘grave violations’ than any year since the war begun.

BBC News reports:

The figure includes only formally verified deaths, meaning the number could be far higher.

Unicef believes more than 850 children were recruited to fight in 2016.

The number is double that of 2015, the report states. Those recruited increasingly found themselves on the frontline or, in extreme cases, used as executioners, suicide bombers or prison guards.

“The depth of suffering is unprecedented,” said Geert Cappelaere, Unicef regional director for the Middle East and North Africa speaking from Homs, Syria.

“Millions of children in Syria come under attack on a daily basis, their lives turned upside down.”

Six years ago this week, the first protests against Bashar al-Assad’s rule began in Syria. The protests led to a violent crackdown and then civil war.

On Monday, the UK-based monitoring group, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, said the death toll from the conflict had topped 320,000.

The first protests were held to demand the release of teenage students held, then tortured, for writing anti-government graffiti.

Since then, the toll on children has only increased, aid agencies say.

Mr Cappelaere added: “Each and every child is scarred for life with horrific consequences on their health, well-being, and future.”

Last week, Save the Children warned millions of Syrian children could be living in a state of “toxic stress”, which the charity feared may become irreversible without immediate help.

It also found two-thirds of children had either lost a loved one, had their house bombed or shelled, or been injured as a result of the war.

  • Black Swan

    ” In a society governed by Militarism, Consumerism and Neo-Liberal savagery, it has become more difficult to assume a position of Moral, Social and Political Responsibility, to believe that Politics matters, to imagine a future in which responding to the suffering of others ( My Family) is a central element of a Democratic life turned upside down, for Democracy is Debtocracy refined to Demonocracy.” Henry Giroux

  • Horatio Mud-Gudgeon

    Unicef please check your sources “the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights” is a one man, wahabi islamist mouthpiece in the UK, only printing anti Syrian pro Wahabist propaganda

    the initial 2011 protests you refer to were infiltrated with foreign armed and mostly foreign sourced recruits which attacked and sniped at the initially unarmed Syrian security force sent to police the said protests, check the reports of journalists that were there on the ground, as well as heads of the churches and mosques in Daraa, as well as medical staff reports from the Daraa hospitals http://www.globalresearch.ca/daraa-2011-syrias-islamist-insurrection-in-disguise/5460547 http://21stcenturywire.com/2016/11/06/syrias-peaceful-protests-and-freedom-bullets-testimony-from-the-real-syria-civil-defence/

    This is not a Syrian civil war, it is an invasion of Syria where the western powers (NATO CIA MI5 Mossad etc work on behalf of the western industrial fossil fuel and weapons monopolies and the Saudi and Qatari dictatorships, the ones set to gain the most financially by invading Syria and toppling the government elected by the majority of the Syrian people). These western security agencies and secret services have been hijacked and together they are using the cashed up extremist dictators controlling Saudi Qatar and Turkish Muslim Brotherhood members to run a foreign invasion of Syria. The invasion is using violent extremist supposedly islamists and wahabists as ground troops to try to overthrow a government elected and still supported by the vast majority of the Syrian people (Sure the Syrian elections have lots of room for improvement, but name me a country where this is not the case? and name me a country in the middle east closer to the democratic ideal than Syria, other than Israel?)

    The fact that the pro Assad government Syrian Army battles on after all these years, its ranks made up of Sunnis Shiites Christians and people of other beliefs/philosophies, all working together despite the crippling sanctions imposed on Syria, should it not send warning bells to all?

    The fact that most of the anti Assad terrorists are not Syrians but extremist violent socalled Jihadists and mercenaries recruited in other nations paid for mostly by cashed up Saudi and Qatari elements should it not send warning bells to all?

    the fact that the leaders of the dominant Sunni and Shia Muslim groups in Syria and Christian Church leaders in Syria all work together and in a unified voice to try to dispel the myths and lies propagated by the likes of the UK based, Wahabi funded “the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights” Why has this not been considered before publishing this message UNICEF?