UN Source: Major Events Coming In Early 2015 – Go Underground?

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A series of interesting sources that are seemingly disconnected are coming forward saying that a series of very bad attacks and events are coming to the US in early 2015.

An article from All News Pipeline titled “UN Source: Early 2015 Series Of Shocks Coming! Email Warns Of MREs Going Underground!” [1] says:

All News Pipeline was recently sent an email from a confidential source whose warning to us aligns well with the new video report below from John Moore, whose United Nations source has warned him of a ‘series of shocks’ to take place beginning in early 2015 that will cause great damage to the US economy. John was told that several weeks after these shocks take place, a new plateau will be reached followed by another series of shocks in a long series with an end result of a 15% drop of the US GDP in 2 years.

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With ANP’s source warning us that MRE’s are being ordered up by FEMA, the USDA and various states across America, we were also told that these orders of tremendous sizes are being shipped to underground locations, further confirming that the ‘elite’ and governments of the world are preparing for something HUGE! The entire John Moore show from today can be heard in the 2nd video below while the 3rd video elaborates more upon the “Doomsday Lairs For The Elite Underground Cities”.

With all of this now taking place, we have to wonder if food and potable water is being readied to be used as a weapon against humanity as we approach the ‘end’, able to be denied and controlled and leading to the deaths of possibly millions as warned of by Steve Quayle long ago?

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[1] UN Source: Early 2015 Series Of Shocks Coming! Email Warns Of MREs Going Underground!