UN Secretary-General Declares War on Disinformation: “We Must Lock Up Free Thinkers”

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UN Secretary General declares war on misinformation

The United Nations has declared war against the spreaders of so-called ‘misinformation’ and has urged governments worldwide to punish people who spread non-mainstream views.

On Monday, UN Secretary-General António Guterres addressed the General Assembly in New York and called out misinformation and disinformation as a vehicle for spreading “hate” online.

“We will call for action from everyone with influence on the spread of mis- and disinformation on the internet – Governments, regulators, policymakers, technology companies, the media, civil society,” Guterres declared.  

“Stop the hate. Set up strong guardrails. Be accountable for language that causes harm.” 

Infowars.com reports: In other words, the UN is unconcerned with freedom of speech or the free speech protections outlined in the US Constitution’s First Amendment safeguarding a citizen’s right to freely speak their mind.

The UN’s efforts will no doubt encourage Big Tech companies to de-platform and ban users who dissent and question prescribed narratives, and silence critics of the UN’s New World Order agenda.

The UN Secretary General’s declaration of war on free speech comes as the UN’s World Health Organization also released its “international pandemic treaty” calling on member states to “tackle false, misleading, misinformation or disinformation, including through promotion of international cooperation.”

Watch the UN Sec-General’s full address below: