UK Schools To Begin Teaching ‘If You’re White, You’re Racist’

UK schools teach students that white people are inherently racist

UK schools have been ordered to teach white students that they are “inherently racist” and will hold special seminars in how to combat “whiteness.” 

White teachers in Britain have been told they must acknowledge their “white privilege,” and teach their fellow white students  about how they enjoy greater advantages in life due to the color of their skin. reports: Posters for sessions held at Bristol University said it would ask lecturers to “examine and acknowledge the destructive role of whiteness.” The seminars will be hosted by the Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Staff Advisory Group.

The event, called ‘Walking On The White Side Of The Street,’ published flyers that said: “We will look at it as a day-to-day reality of white privilege that causes daily ‘aggressions’ towards people of color. We discuss why white people accrue advantages and benefits simply due to the color of their skin, and how whiteness as a discriminatory force is as prevalent today as it was 400 years ago.”

It isn’t just Bristol University, however. A workshop at East Anglia’s Anglia Ruskin University called ‘Privilege: The Truth We Don’t Tell Ourselves,’ asked those in attendance to face up to “our privilege in an honest manner and understand exactly how we benefit from a racist system.” York St. John University held a similar staff seminar in November, called ‘Learning And Unlearning Whiteness.’

A mere 85 of the 15,905 professors in the UK are black, according to a 2015 report by the Runnymede Trust, a race equality think tank. Research also indicates that black and ethnic minority (BAME) students are more likely to quit university. If they do make it through, they are less likely to be awarded a top degree than their white classmates.

Similar workshops in the USA prompted American university students to hit back. They plastered their campuses with posters bearing the message that “It’s OK to be white.”

Sociologist and Emeritus Professor of Sociology at the University of Kent Frank Furedi said that the concept of white privilege, in effect, labeled every white person as racist. “Whiteness is the equivalent of original sin, and white racism inescapable,” he told the Sunday Times.


  1. How long before Jews are required to learn that they are racist? What do you think we should do if the government promotes violence against Jews or white people? What about another holocaust?

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  2. Nazi methodology to marginalize and demonize a people based on race. Teachers, this is a good place to take a stand, to draw the line. We will all give an account for our part. If you were wondering how Nazi Germany happened, you’re reliving it.

  3. What a pile of Marxist anti white racism.
    I know what they should do either make the course material and exams really easy for ethnics, i’m sure will go down well with your white class mates.
    Or they can take all of these White Marxist brainwashers send them to an all Ethnic MINORITY university where they can all sit together drying each others eyes and singing cumbayah while handing out degrees just for coming along to their “Feelings Seminars”.

  4. I am 100% proud to be white, bollocks to political correctness. Why should I feel ashamed of being white, grow up and act your ages. You all act like spoilt kids(mom, the whites are better than us, I want what they have). TOUGH!!!!

  5. Being white is a high spiritual experience. Whatever the soulless non-spiritual organic portals say is of no consequence to soulful white people.

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