UK-Russia Relations Worst Ever: Russian Ambassador


Russian Ambassador to the UK Alexander Yakovenko says relations between the two countries is the worst it has ever been, refuting Downing Street’s claim that Russia is on the “wrong side” of the Syrian argument.

He accuses Britain of “Raising tensions” in Europe by deploying troops to Russia’s border, not wanting a political resolution to Syria’s civil war, and using “hostile rhetoric not supported by evidence.”ambassador

Russia Today reports:

Responding to British Prime Minister Theresa May’s claim that Russia is on the “wrong side of the argument” when it comes to Syria, Ambassador Alexander Yakovenko said “the opposite is true.

He noted that there is no moderate opposition alternative to the present government in Syria, referring to a similar statement made earlier by a former British ambassador to the Middle East state, Peter Ford.

That’s why there is an “urgent need for lasting ceasefire and political process among the Syrians, so that they can decide for themselves.

It seems that our Western partners don’t like this approach and want to decide for the Syrians who will take part in the political process and who shall not,” he told the Daily Mail.

When asked about British Defense Secretary Michael Fallon’s accusation that Russia is responsible for the Syrian chemical attacks by proxy, Yakovenko said that Moscow deplores the “hostile rhetoric not supported by evidence.

Following the chemical attack in Syria and Washington’s subsequent strike on a military airbase, British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson canceled a planned visit to Moscow – a move which Yakovenko called “unfortunate.

But that is just another indication that there is no bilateral relationship of substance between our two nations, that is beyond mere diplomatic ones,” he said.

Yakovenko went on to accuse the UK of “raising tensions” in Europe over its decision to deploy 800 troops to the Estonia, near Russian border, in a move which Fallon claimed was aimed at “defending” NATO.

We deplore that deployment for it raises tensions in Europe along the border between NATO and Russia. Russia doesn’t pose any threat to Estonia nor any other NATO member-state,” Yakovenko said.

When bluntly asked by the Daily Mail whether he believes the relationship between Britain and Russia is the worst it has ever been, Yakovenko didn’t mince his words.

Yes, it is,” he stated.

Edmondo Burr

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  • John C Carleton

    Britin is a legal fiction which is occupying England, Ireland, Scotland and wales. So whiz on Britain. Raise the Lion, Dragon, Shamrock and St George’s Cross!

  • Black Swan

    ” When you listen to reprsentatives of the Western Elite, everything seems so pure, generous and respectful to people, doing so they use the classic rule of propaganda: Hide reality behind sweet talk. However, it is enough to turn on the T.V. go to the movies, open a best selling book or listen to popular music to realize the opposite, the unprecedented dissemination of the Cult Of Violence, Sex and Money. Noble speeches are designed to hide these three pillars (and there are more) of Totalitarian Demonocracy” Alexander Zinoviev: 1999

  • gordonehil

    The Russians are wasting their time talking to the British and the American governments. Both are powerless puppets. The need to address Jacob Rothschild directly. He has Washington and London in his pocket. Glaziev is wasting his time with his idea of crashing the dollar. The Rothschilds own the dollar and can back it with hundreds of trillions worth of assets if necessary. A simple projection of their known wealth in the 1850s strongly suggests that their present fortune is colossal. They no doubt control the ‘One Bank’ that was recently discovered by Swiss researchers.