UK Police Arrest Man For Handing Out Free Soup To Those In Need

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British police claim they arrested a man who was handing out free soup to people in need because he was in violation of COVID-19 restrictions.….despite it being legal under volunteer exemption.

Nick Smith had been giving out free soup to people in a park in his village every week for several months before Sussex Police decided to intervene.

They claimed he was breaching covid rules by encouraging people to gather.

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Summit News reports: However, Smith cited exemptions under the rules for volunteering, which allows for up to 15 people to gather either indoors or outdoors.

Smith said he found the whole experience “very shocking” and insisted he was only trying to help people struggling with mental health issues as a result of the lockdown.

“Showing up every week and being a feature they can rely on is what I wanted to do. They just come because they don’t see anybody they don’t talk to anybody and they’re going crazy,” he said.

Sussex Police said people “providing a takeaway service are required to complete a risk assessment and adhere to Government guidance including social distancing and hygiene measures.”

Smith was handcuffed and given a court summons, but he has vowed to continue supporting his community.

“If not now when, people are going hungry, people are going crazy. If not now when,” he said.