UK Foreign Minister Warns That Brexit Vote Will Be Irreversible

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UK Foreign Minister Warns That Brexit Vote Will Be Irreversible

The British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond has warned that Britain’s possible exit from the European Union (EU) would be an “irreversible” decision.

“The message we are trying to get across to the British people is that this is an irreversible decision, if they decide to leave, there will be no going back,” Hammond said as he arrived for a meeting with his EU counterparts in Luxembourg.

Press TV reports:

The foreign minister warned that in the event of a Brexit, London could only rejoin the bloc on what would be unacceptable terms.

“Britain could never rejoin the EU at a later date except on terms that would be unacceptable — membership of the euro, membership of [the] Schengen [passport-free zone] and so on,” he said.

Britons are set to decide their country’s future in the EU via a referendum on Thursday.

The majority of recent opinion polls suggest that the Remain camp is recovering its lead over the Leave, after a weak showing over the past two weeks.

“The referendum battle… is close fought,” Hammond said. “It will be a very tight result either way.”

According to the Daily Mail, the pro-EU campaign managed to open up a three-point lead following the fatal attack on Labour MP and Remain campaigner Jo Cox who was killed on Thursday.

Hammond’s warnings were echoed by UK Prime Minister David Cameron who warned in an article on Sunday that leaving the EU would bring about abject “humiliation” for Britain.

British Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne has also warned of an “austerity budget” in case the country leaves the 28-member bloc, further furling the government’s push against the Brexit.

The Vote Leave campaign, however, believe leaving the EU would allow Britain to take back control over major issues like immigration while paving the way for thousands of new job opportunities.