UK Corporations Preparing To Introduce Mandatory Microchips For Employees

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Big UK businesses preparing to microchip employees

Large British companies are planning to implant microchips in staff in order to spy on employees and prevent them doing anything against company policy. 

Swedish company Biohax is in talks with a number of huge UK firms to implant staff with the device and prevent them from accessing safe areas of the business. reports: A major financial services firm, which has ‘hundreds of thousands of employees’ is said to be one of the prospective clients.

Jowan Österlund, the founder of Biohax and a former professional body piercer, said: ‘[The chips] would allow them to set restrictions for whoever.

‘These companies have sensitive documents they are dealing with.

‘There’s no losing it – there’s no dropping it, there’s no forgetting it. There’s always going to be an ultimate backup.’

There are around 4,000 people chipped in Sweden – of which 85 are employees of travel firm Tui.

Mr Österlund said he was aware that not everyone would want to have a microchip fitted at first.

He added that ‘it was a learning curve’ and that if the idea came from a government he understood why people would not want it to happen.

Hampshire based entrepreneur Steven Northam was the first person on the UK to be microchipped.

He is also offering the service to businesses and individuals.