UFO Beside Falcon 9 Rocket May Have Caused Explosion

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Billionaire SpaceX CEO Elon Musk said the cause of the explosion that destroyed the Falcon 9 rocket may involve foul play.

Billionaire SpaceX CEO Elon Musk said the cause of the explosion that destroyed the Falcon 9 rocket is officially unknown, but hinted that there may have been foul play involved.

The explosion, which was caught on camera, occurred shortly after 9am as Musk’s SpaceX operation were readying for launch at the Kennedy Space Centre at Cape Canaveral.

An unidentified spherical object can be seen passing over the rocket as it explodes. Claims the flying object was a bird have been discredited as it appears to be a sphere with a reflective surface and was moving too fast.


Facebook’s $200million “revolutionary” Amos-6 satellite was destroyed in the blast – leading CEO Mark Zuckerburg to express his “deep disappointment”.

The satellite was part of a project to open up “free” internet to more than 14 countries in Africa.

SpaceX rocket ufo

Space X rocket explosion

Space X fire

There was also a post from a Reddit user who claims to work as a welder at the Kennedy Space Center. Earlier in the day, prior to launch, he claims to have witnessed UFOs in the sky. Phones and cameras are not allowed on site, so there are no videos, but he offered this account of the morning:

So This is my first post here long time lurker, But today the Space X rocket blew up on the launch pad if you weren’t aware. I am a welder at Kennedy Space Center and before launch a lot of us were noticing strange lights in the sky above the pad.

About 20 minutes before launch there was an impression in the clouds (its rainy here) of a oblong shape you could almost see the blue sky through it then 3 white lights appeared in the center of it and then just disappeared with a blink of an eye they were visible for maybe 20 seconds.

20 minutes later the rocket explodes on the pad maybe it’s a coincidence I don’t know but hopefully some of you have insight unfortunately I have no pictures. (We are not allowed to have our phones on us in our hanger due to “safety reasons” they stay in our locker till we clock out.)

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