U.S. Military Declare War On Hillary Clinton

U.S. military chief declares war on Hillary Clinton, saying that she should go to jail

A U.S. military General has called for Hillary Clinton to serve jail time after it emerged that names of CIA-protected agents were found on her private email server. 

Former army General Jerry Boykin has accused Hillary of endangering lives, in an interview with Breitbart News Radio.

The retired General said “What Hillary Clinton has done, I can tell you, it is … punishable by jail time. I think ultimately she’s going be indicted. She has to be. This cannot stand.”

Conservativetribune.com reports:

It was previously reported that numerous names protected by “B3 CIA PERS/ORG” redactions had been exchanged by Clinton’s emails. That means those persons were being protected by intelligence — and had been identified on Clinton’s nonsecure server.

“There are two very important principles associated with national security and the intelligence community,” Boykin said.

“One is the protection of sources and methods. And the other one is called ‘the need to know.’ You don’t have access to information that you don’t really need to know about and you are responsible for protecting the sources that are used for the collection of intelligence and the methods that are used,” Boykin said. “Those are fundamental. They are, in fact, in statute.”

Boykin said that what Hillary Clinton did was a serious offense.

“The lives that have been endangered — look, most people think that our sources are compromised by spies. No,” Boykin said.

“Our sources can be compromised by the mishandling of classified information that gives … China and Russia and even North Korea access through cyber attacks to the names of the people that are helping us and the sources and methods that we’re using to get that intelligence. People can be killed as a result of that!”

Thankfully, members of our military are starting to speak out against Hillary. Let’s hope this means it’s only a matter of time before she’s charged.

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  • Mike Lundin

    I’ve said this from the beginning. She has to be indicted and prosecuted for this or it sets a precedent for all who come after her. No one will ever be able to be prosecuted for anything equal to or less than what she has done if she is not punished for this, and the FBI and the DOJ will lose all credibility if they let this slide.

    • Susan

      Have you any clue as to who Jerry Boykin is? He is the braying jackass that tried to turn Afghanistan into a Christian Holy War–he was so bad his boss George W publicly admonished him over his bs.

      • Jim Smith

        The thing is, it doesn’t matter who he is. What he says is correct.

        • Susan

          Actually it is not, but continue to believe a word out of the Vice President of The Family Research Council. that ”basstion of progressive thought”

          • Jim Smith

            Actually it is. I spent 43 years protecting classified information and I know exactly what the requirements are. The only way she won’t be indicted is a presidential pardon.

          • James MacGowan

            While I can’t stand The Family Research Council, or Jerry Boykin and his intolerant religious views, it’s not the general’s word that matters, rather it’s the facts of the matter that matter. Clinton violated policies of the State Department and lied about it, as reported in the OIG investigation. She also broke laws that govern the handling of classified material. The FBI doesn’t waste a year investigating a case, going so far as to fly in a witness from Europe and to offer another witness immunity, unless the evidence warrants the resources and risks.
            There is more than just one aspect of the FBI investigation, with the other being Public Corruption associated with Hillary and her top aides, Bill, and the Clinton Foundation.
            For the record, Bush called the war a “crusade,” which left him in an embarrassing position in that regard.

        • river

          Before you can say that Boykin is ‘correct’ , examine his claim carefully. He states that transcriptions of HRC’s emails contain redaction that indicate the names of sources and agents were mentioned. How does he know this? The transcripts haven’t been released.

  • Dan Smith

    Its funny that this dickbag has anything to say after he got hit with a reprimand from the Army for releasing classified information in his book. Typical right wing hypocrite.

    • Jim Smith

      May be a dickbag, but he’s correct. She has to be indited

      • Susan

        Wishful thinking.

        • James MacGowan

          Yeah, it’s wishful thinking for those who believe our leaders should treat national security seriously. Come on, do you honestly believe Clinton is innocent? LOL!

  • Mary B

    Hahahaha. Kinda nuthin new, here. The President already said he has the FBI’s findings on THEIR investigation, but he won’t release it til after the general election. I ask, “Why?”. I really want to know why he would wait. This all just stinks to high heaven of something very rotten to me. Paleeeease! I just don’t see anything being done about any crimes that are committed surrounding this HORRID woman. I thought ignorance of the law was no excuse. I’ve heard that a million times. Am I the idiot, here? She is a lawyer, for cripes sake. Whoever SHOULD BE putting this witch in jail, and does nothing, THEY should go to jail. If the Pres is suppressing evidence, that is a crime, too, right? It’s over for me and the dem party. I feel I was very right when I said we should clean house. Everyone in federal government should be kicked out.

  • Angl0sax0nknight .