Two Police Officers Suspended After Shooting Captured On Video

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Two  Texas police officers have been suspended after a video surfaced showing them fatally shooting an unarmed Hispanic man who had at least one hand up at the time.

The Officers identified as Greg Vasquez and Robert Sanchez have been placed on paid administrative leave, media reports said on Wednesday.

Press TV reports: The August 28 incident has sparked an FBI investigation and angered human rights groups. The FBI is examining the footage showing deadly shooting.

The video, recorded by a bystander, shows Gilbert Flores raising his hands in the air before the officers shot him to death.

The Texas chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union said the video raises serious concerns over whether the use of force was proportional.

Meanwhile, a second disturbing video has emerged that shows two police officers shoot and kill Flores who appears to have had his hands up in surrender.

The new video gives authorities a “very clear view” of Friday’s confrontation between sheriff’s deputies and Flores who had his hands raised before he was shot and killed in San Antonio, Bexar County District Attorney Nico LaHood said Tuesday.

San Antonio attorney Thomas J. Henry, who is Flores’ family, said in an interview on Tuesday that the initial video appears to show that lethal force was not necessary but he is seeking more evidence.

The first video was made public by a San Antonio television station.

LaHood told CNN the new video presents “a better view to make an assessment on what happened. It is a closer view and a better angle.”

Authorities say Flores resisted arrest and nonlethal force, including tasers, were used to subdue him, but those did not work.

The fatal shooting comes at a time when law enforcement officers are under heavy scrutiny for often resorting to lethal force in situations where it is not necessary.

The police killings of several African Americans and Hispanics over the past year have heightened tensions in minority communities and sparked mass protests across the US.