Twitter Admits to Suspending Accounts Retweeted by President Trump

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Twitter admits to suspending accounts retweeted by POTUS

Twitter was caught censoring several of President Trump’s tweets on his own timeline over the weekend.

The social media company was also caught deleting THOUSANDS of likes from President Trump’s tweets where he criticized House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Shortly after, Twitter then began suspending accounts that President Trump had recently retweeted to his followers. reports: Twitter user “The Right Melissa” caught Twitter shaving thousands of likes from one of his Pelosi tweets.

CNN was TRIGGERED that President Trump would retweet #QAnon accounts!

Soon after this Twitter began removing the accounts retweeted by President Trump.

CNN’s Brian Stelter posted an update this afternoon.

Twitter confirmed they took the accounts down… After CNN and others complained.



Trump retweeted these accounts so Twitter removed them.

UPDATE: Brian Stelter had a problem with our report.
ALX set him straight.

In fact — ALX called it LAST NIGHT!