Turkey Begs Putin For Forgiveness

Turkey's Erdogan begs Putin for forgiveness

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has written a letter to Russian President Vladimir Putin asking for his forgiveness. 

Erdogan told Putin he wished to reiterate his wish to restore relations with Russia, on Sunday’s Russia Day.

Zee News reports:

“On behalf of the Turkish people, I congratulate all Russians on the occasion of the Russia Day, and wish that in the time ahead the relations between Russia and Turkey reach their well-deserved level,” Xinhua quoted RIA Novosti news agency as saying on Tuesday.

Relations between Russia and Turkey have soured after the latter downed a Russian Su-24 bomber near the Turkish-Syrian border in November last year for alleged airspace violation, which Russia denied and took as a hostile act.

Putin described the attack as a “stab in the back” and ordered a broad range of economic sanctions against Turkey.

Ankara did not take retaliatory measures, in a bid to avoid the escalation of the already tense situation. But it did not shy away from resorting to harsh diatribe against Russia.

  • http://www.pyrrias.com David Paul

    Fuck Turkey, Fuck that Despot Erdogan let the bastards burn for what they are doing to the Kurds

  • strav

    Wipe your arse with it vlad and send it gack to him! Dirty back stabbing turkish poofter!

    • Vlad Pufagtinenko

      The letter was never written comrade. What BS

  • BEN1234

    HOW, IT HAPPENED because of ISRAEL the bad Oman for US AND EU LOSES GOOD FRIENDS. DAYS AHEAD WOULD DICTATE WHAT IS RIGH AND WHAT IS WRONG. Muslim all over Middle East would never accept the hegemony of Israel .

    The future days will decide how ISRAEL become the chairman of the permanent UN committee after committing genocide after genocide.

    This would decide the FUTURE new polarization of the world order and prove ISRAEL is the bad omen for all times for US.


  • Vlad Pufagtinenko

    The letter asked Putin to send more planes so his military can have some more fun blowing up Russian terrorist planes