Truth About Your Birth Certificate (Video)

This video explores how admiralty (maritime / commercial) law has usurped common or constitutional law.

According to the video, admiralty law is a very important concept to understand.

By understanding it you will understand how the government and the global cabal have systematically planned and conspired to remove your inalienable right to sovereignty.


The Truth About Your Birth Certificate

YouTube Video By SageOfQuay

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    Bottom line is, most policemen and government bureaucrats don’t know or care if a legal fiction or fraud is being used to deprive you of natural human rights expressed in the Declaration of Independence. They are simply hired thugs who follow orders without question, in exchange for a paycheck. Some might even mean well — but the power of government attracts many career criminals who intend to deprive us of our right to independence and self-determination. If we want to defeat tyranny, we have to stop buying into the false paradigm of Democrat -versus- Republican and Liberal -versus- Conservative. These are illusions created by the establishment media to keep us fighting each other instead of fighting corruption in government. The two ruling parties are united in looting the treasury. Neither one wants to find the trillions of dollars which have disappeared year after year. They both support the income tax, the homestead property tax, the prohibition of herbal medicine, and perpetual wars for profit. The only thing they disagree on is the best way to shear the sheep. They are united in purpose — and that purpose is to perpetuate a mafia-style protection racket through false flag terrorism and a constantly-expanding bureaucracy.