Trump: I Legally Won Popular Vote By Landslide

Donald Trump won the popular vote by a landslide

Donald Trump said on Sunday that he believes he would have won the popular vote in a landslide victory if millions of illegal aliens had not been allowed to vote this election.

In response to the Hillary Clinton push for an election recount, Trump tweeted:

It is widely accepted that over three million illegal voters were allowed to take part in the elections this year in an attempt to rig the outcome in Hillary’s favor. reports:

The #NotMyPresident movement keeps pushing the “Hillary won the popular vote” line, but it’s meaningless; if the president was selected by popular vote, then both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton would have campaigned in completely different states than they did.

In short, Hillary saying she won the popular vote is like saying she won a footrace by driving a Dodge Demon.

There’s a legitimate reason for having an Electoral College: if the president was selected by popular vote, then only densely population regions of the U.S. would decide who would become president. The United States of America would be reduced to the United States of New York and California, with 48 other vassal states.

And why is the presidential election the only race that’s decided by the Electoral College? Simple: it’s the only race that shows up with the same major candidates in all 50 states. Other races, such as the U.S. House and Senate, involve candidates who are chosen only by voters of that state.

  • Amaris

    he would have too, Hillary/ Soros are a pair of crooks and should be locked up.

  • Dr John

    When You consider the illegal votes, the dead votes, the fractional votes and the votes in more that one state there is likely 9 million false votes which really show how poorly Hillary did. Top that with the fact none of them can figure out how they lost and you see how truly disconnected and stupid they have become. Considering the entire democratic party, MSM and a host of billionaires where also supporting them it is even worse. They have been found out and are going down along with hundreds if not thousands of crooks.

    Finally, we can once again Make America Great Again

  • mel

    good grief. first sentence blew it…it is by no means widely accepted that “3 million voters were allowed” to vote. a ludicrous statement.

    • mel

      oops! ‘3 million illegal voters” !!! doh! haha on myself, dang!