Trump Fears Elite Planning ‘JFK Style Assassination’

Both sides of the political establishment don't want Trump anywhere near the White House. The mainstream media are vilifying him. In short, the sock puppets of the New World Order are united against him.

Trump fears JFK style assassination

New World Order watchers believe Donald Trump’s anti-establishment beliefs, in particular his threat to blow the lid off the official 9/11 version, mean he is right to fear he will be the highest profile politician since JFK to be assassinated.

The New World Order controlled evil in Washington does not only kill foreign leaders who try to disrupt their master plan, they also kill their own.  JFK warned that secret societies were running the world and their was a plan to enslave every American man, woman, and child.  This was enough to get the popular President killed.

Now Trump is threatening to expose the US establishment’s biggest secrets should he become President.  Speaking at a campaign event in Bluffton, SC, Trump raised the issue of the attack on the World Trade Center on 9/11/2001.

We went after Iraq, they did not knock down the World Trade Center.” Trump told those in attendance.  “It wasn’t the Iraqis that knocked down the World Trade Center, we went after Iraq, we decimated the country, Iran’s taking over, okay,” Trump continued.

But it wasn’t the Iraqis, you will find out who really knocked down the World Trade Center. Because they have papers in there that are very secret, you may find it’s the Saudis, okay? But you will find out.”

Trump was referring to the 28 pages of the original Joint Congressional Inquiry into 9/11, which remain classified and withheld from the public on grounds of ‘national security’.  The pages are thought to implicate the Saudi Royal Family in financing the supposed hijackers in the United States prior to the attacks.

The GOP, his own party, are even having trouble deciding whether to support him.  While he has become the presumptive nominee and his primary battle is all but over, there is a war going on inside the Republican Party.  Some members of Congress are saying they will back him.  However most Senators and senior party members are having serious jitters about Trump and are refusing to rally around him.

Both sides of the political establishment don’t want Trump anywhere near the White House.  The mainstream media are vilifying him.  In short, the sock puppets of the New World Order are united against him.  They have a lot to lose if somebody who isn’t playing by their rules takes control.

Will they allow an outsider to win the election?  And if he manages to overcome their efforts against him, how long until he is taken out?  Do not be surprised if this happens – and soon – with a Muslim or possibly Mexican assassin lined up as a convenient scapegoat for another New World Order political assassination in America.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry is a writer at News Punch. He covers politics, business and entertainment. Speaking truth to power since he learned to talk, Baxter has travelled in over 80 countries and won arguments in every single one. Live without fear.
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Baxter Dmitry
  • Judy Owen Irrera

    If no one was able to get that close to Obama to have that done. He is the most hated and no one tried to assassinate him. They had better protect him like they do Ovomit.

    • Bobbie Taylor

      Obama did exactly what the establishment and NWO wanted him to do. Why do you think the Republicans didn’t impeach him? They are on the same team.

      • linda kilpatrick

        Some of them are but there are more Democrats than Republicans pushing that agenda

        • Yotto Otto

          The Republicans push the agenda just as much by standing down, being push overs, and never fighting the Democrats on any of their policies. They are equally as guilty.

        • Jane Lewis

          There are the establishment Republicans such as The Bushes, the Romney’s, Ryan , Bill Crystal , the Clintons which are of course Democrats, all pushing the NWO. We are in dangerous times.

      • Yotto Otto

        Exactly, Bobbie. The globalists in our government are New World Order puppets working to destroy all nations to merge them under a communist global government headed by the UN. (It is an agenda the elite call the “New World Order.”) Both the Democrats and Republicans are just two sides of the same coin. They pose as “Liberals” and “Conservatives” to control all aspects of the debate. They dupe an unwitting public with the illusion of choice and political diversity in a fraudulent left-right paradigm, so that their covert agenda can continue to roll forward, without any interference, regardless of who is elected president.

        • hal8196

          Yotto Otto – you have expressed my thinking exactly. The elites probably have plans for Obama as UN Secretary General. Kerry exposed the NWO plan when he recently gave the college commencement address talking about the future with countries without borders or sovereignty.

        • Kerry Kolsch

          Read how Obama had a hand in destroying Europe.

      • Magicmaninthesky Nothanks

        Yep. Obama was NEVER in any danger…..

        • hal8196

          My original thinking was that he could be sacrificed to start a race war. However, he has proven to be too valuable to the communists and the muslims. I expect him to be in the UN after his term is over.

      • Eric Ginny Billiter

        It’s hard to lose, when you’re bettin on all the horses!

      • Sammie Jo

        Because as soon as the word impeach was uttered, obama came trotting out with a wheelbarrow full of race cards and then the spineless repubs caved.

    • meme35


    • rzvsrm

      Obama is a good soldier for them – they won’t bother with him

    • Frances Chute Quinn

      you can not get close to him, he has more threats than any president ever and i think many have tried but not succeeded.

    • Harv Dykstra

      Obama’s enemies are honest and honorable people. There’s the difference.

      • KAREN M

        Even Vladimir Putin. He stands strong against the NEW WORLD ORDER and names names. He said he will never succumb himself or his country to them. He will fight “that group” with every cell in his body. He is fearless. He says “show fear & they win.” He said the U.S. chooses countries to attack with war, according to their resistence to joining them. Again, radical Muslims are in competition with the New World Order to control the entire World with Allah.

        • Acecool

          Best way to win a war is to bankrupt the country you’re fighting. Now take a look at our infrastructure, our national debt, the trillions so far spent in the middle east and we still haven’t won, only perpetrated it further and deeper.

        • AmericanEagleForever

          The NWO is not in competition with the muslims. The NWO has muslim operatives in the White House, UK Parliament, United Nations, etc. The NWO controls the muslims and uses them as soldiers to terrorize and control the masses. The NWO could wipe out the muslims tomorrow if they wanted to. Nuke Mecca, nuke Tehran, etc. The muslims are nothing more than control tools for the NWO.

      • Anita

        I so agree, but if anything happens to Trump I think it will be game over we played by the rules but enough.

    • LoveMyCountry

      No one will impeach Obama or assassinate him for fear of a full out race war here in the states. It will be declared racist and all hell will break loose. They have had more than enough opportunity but the consequences would be dire for all


    When the establishment/non federal reserve/NWO had JFK shot their shenanigans were not as well known in the pre- internet age. Using logic, in this nation of millions of gun owners and snipers use your head if you injure Trump or any of his family….what do you establishment types think will happen to you?

    • Yotto Otto

      The New World Order elite might try to assassinate Trump, frame a patsy, then use it as their main argument to confiscate guns and pass strict gun control laws. Think about it, they’ve been trying to shove anti-gun propaganda down our throats for years now (even staging false flag attacks and faked mass shooting like Sandy Hook, etc. The elite might think shooting Trump would be the only way to get conservative gun owners to take the bait – or at least pressure them into giving up their 2nd Amendment. Just a theory. Obviously I pray to God I’m wrong.

      • WJ

        I was thinking along the same lines. people mention the Obama Marshall Law scenario all the time. How better to stage it than to assassinate Trump and wait for his supporters (and probably paid anarchists) to start rioting. I hope I’m wrong as well.

        • Eric Ginny Billiter

          Rioting? You mean headshooting, right? We don’t riot! That’s uncivilized!!

          • Anita

            She meant the elite will pay rioters. They have control once O say’s it is Martial Law. But you are right Patriots don’t riot they revolt.

        • sosmartru

          MARTIAL LAW.

          • WJ

            If I would have reread my post I would have caught it. Thanks

          • Mickey Collazo


        • Sammie Jo

          There isn’t enough law enforcement or military to enforce a nationwide martial law decree.

          • Acecool

            This NWO you speak of, first used the UK as guinea pigs. Now disarmed and fully subject to any judicial law passed down.

            Why we Americans need to stand up for our Constitution and stand up against illegal supreme court jurisdiction from legislating in what should constitutionally be passed down from the “will of the people” through congress. The Supreme Court is not the Supreme God, nor should a panel of 9 ever be allowed to force their doctrine laws upon it’s people.

            If that doesn’t wake you up, try Googling the many laws Barrack Obama has recently passed without the endorsements of congress, let alone the court. Metaphorically, Ironically, the British Are Coming, but not by boat nor by horseback, but by executive order through the NWO agenda, which brings me to my next point…..

            The Frog in Boiling Water Effect….They won’t notice it happening! A Trojan Horse that has been weaving it’s way into American livelihood for several years now and rapidly progressing.

            Donald Trump is the only Presidential Candidate who is full on against this tyrannical ideology, and we who love this country of ours, need to pull off the blinders and stand behind him 110%. Our last chance folks! before we reach a point of no return. Don’t say you were not warned.


        The scenario you paint is very possible but retaliation by gun owners against the criminal establishment/federal government remains. It’s unlikely you’ll get 100% of the gun owners and snipers to willingly surrender their guns without a fight such as targeting gun government confiscator enablers.

        • Brad Cordrey

          Guns? 400 year old invention? To that I say acoustic weapons, lasers, 60 Abrahms tanks, F-16s, drones, blackhawk choppers, horrendous bombs, and don’t forget that directed energy weapon that took out the trade towers. They got shit you never heard of. I find it very hard to believe that anyone would even think we would even mount an offensive and let alone there was any hope of success.


            This is why the criminal establishment is desperate to kill off military veterans especailly former special ops. They can launch a successful military coup and they know it.

          • Brad Cordrey

            We need to realize we need about 50,000 heat seeking bazookas and 20,000 anti-tank bazookas. I mean think all we got is shit that won’t hardly take off the pant. An AR-15 won’t do shit. They aren’t missing a trick. 9/11 nonsense was BS. Rumsfeld says, “There was a building seven”? Oh, that one. I forgot about that. If 9/11 didn’t piss the people off enough to march on Washington. I can’t think of anything that would.


            Because they made fun of 9-11 truthers and believed the criminal Bush family story.

          • Brad Cordrey

            They’re planning everything and we hope military will jump ship.

          • Joe Palooka

            And still can’t control 3rd world s**tholes like Iraq and Afghanistan…
            If you add up all US military from around the world and add all law enforcement in the entire US
            you have a little more than 3 million people. The US population currently 324,118,787.
            So you believe that less than 1% of the population is going to disarm the rest???
            Complete BS because for one the military will have an internal war if martial law were to be declared for disarmament and most will not go along with it.

            Furthermore all those police officers across the US have wives and children they want to go home to.They do not have the manpower nor the stomach to even attempt this and it would be a suicide mission.

            The only wild card is UN Troops being brought into the US but they would have to bring in millions and face it they do that and they will all to the last man die far from home because we have everything to lose and they have nothing to gain.

            More than likely you are a govt plant trying to discourage people but if I’m wrong you are just another idiot talking out of his posterior but either way you have no sack.

      • Acecool

        You don’t bring a knife to a gun fight. Going up against those who own everything, including some of the worlds most advanced weaponry, would only induce more chaos, a strategy I’m not willing to chance, if not for the sake of the weak and elderly and our children.

        Like the metaphorical “Frog in boiling water” effect. America has been on the kettle for some time and sadly, people are just now waking up to it. As the saying goes, you snooze ya lose. It’s coming!

        The prophecies written in the Book of Revelations alone are far more accurate than both Edgar Cayce and Nostradamus combined. There is no denying it. It’s all there in black n’ white. You might be able to slow down biblical prophecy, but you can’t stop it. It’s coming!

        Still, it’s better to do something than nothing at all. Vote Donald J. Trump! it may be God’s last attempt at saving this nation, even if but for a short time. God Willing, God Speed!

        • Brad Cordrey

          Trump worked with the mob. The guy is a womanizer. There is no way he thinks he’ll get shit done. They got us on the edge of economic disaster.

          • Acecool

            And Trump steals candy from little babies. Keep drinking the kool-aid bigot.

          • Brad Cordrey

            I wouldn’t doubt that either.

      • Brad Cordrey

        the jews will start WW3 first, Trump is a peon to them

        • Siafuyu

          Please remember these are not the real Jews, these are the demon seed spoke of in the Bible, these kenites infiltrated the real Jews when the Tribes of israel were being led by Joshua and were almost to the Promised Land and have been posing as them ever since. They got in there the same way they did this country after WWII. Posing as the real Jews gives them lots of favor to work their evil. They were brought over here after WWII, Hitler knew what he was doing, they were trying to do to Germany’s economy EXACTLY what they have done to us! Problem was, they messed with the wrong man! We need some here in this country with his same conviction and intelligence!

          • Brad Cordrey

            Oh, yes we’re going down and you want to debate, “What is a Jew”

          • Siafuyu

            Not up for debate-I KNOW who are the real Jews and who are not,do you? Yes, we are going down and it is ignorant people like you who have aided and abetted the situation, by not taking the time to study God’s word in depth to realize this is a spiritual thing, not political! You just want to sit around and cry and whine and do no work to correct it or at least know who the enemy is! But, whatever, I am learned enough to know who, what and when and what is coming, so I am prepared, not whining cause I have no worries!

          • Joe Palooka

            Kenites? Get a clue.
            Revenge Of The Neanderthal

          • Siafuyu

            Bet you do not even know who the kenites are!!! Are you speaking of the “giants” that inhabited the earth in the days of the Flood of Noah? People like you who have never bothered to study God’s word in depth are the reason all theses bad things are happening in this country today! The Bible plainly says that the Tribes of Israel,( bet you don’t know who they are either ), are being punished and “strangers” will inhabit our land and we will be made to support them and one will inhabit our WH because we have grown “soddish” in the ends days-“soddish means “stupid” and you are a good example of it!

          • Joe Palooka

            Gods word…how idiotic or do you happen to have the writing instrument “god” used.

      • Brad Cordrey

        If they do the people will do nothing. They’ll be home protecting their shit.

      • Acecool

        This NWO you speak of, first used the UK as guinea pigs. Now disarmed and fully subject to any judicial law passed down.

        Why we Americans need to stand up for our Constitution and stand up against illegal supreme court jurisdiction from legislating in what should constitutionally be passed down from the “will of the people” through congress. The Supreme Court is not the Supreme God, nor should a panel of 9 ever be allowed to force their doctrine laws upon it’s people.

        If that doesn’t wake you up, try Googling the many laws Barrack Obama has recently passed without the endorsements of congress, let alone the court. Metaphorically, Ironically, the British Are Coming, but not by boat nor by
        horseback, but by executive order through the NWO agenda, which brings me to my next point…..

        The Frog in Boiling Water Effect….They won’t notice it happening! A Trojan Horse that has been weaving it’s way into American livelihood for several years now and rapidly progressing.

        Donald Trump is the only Presidential Candidate who is full on against this tyrannical ideology, and we who love this country of ours, need to pull off the blinders and stand behind him 110%. Our last chance folks! before we reach a point of no return. Don’t say you were not warned.

      • Betsy Raus

        Our right…given by God…not to be taken by any man, or any institution. Our rights.

      • Donna

        To late to many people have woken up for them. That’s why they are manipulating our food and water more then ever.. evil’s time to rule is coming to an end . When sons of man awaken

    • dumpster

      Maybe the heart attack gun?

    • Brad Cordrey

      NOTHING! Absolutely nothing. What happened when the FBI killed those children in Waco and Oklahoma City and Ruby Ridge? Nothing and what about 9/11? Nothing will happen, because he’s said nothing about Israel.


        Generally speaking you’re right about Americans not fighting back. However, Ruby Ridge, Waco, Oklahoma City happened just before or at the infancy of the Internet. That has changed. People know how the New World Order news media owned by six corporations report 90% of the news they received has changed to alternate media and people being pissed off with the truth. Hence the reason for Trump’s popularity and America’s last hope. There will logically be a small per centage of retired snipers who will start taking establishment members and their complicit body guards out if harm comes to Trump or his family.

        • Brad Cordrey

          What happened when they killed Kennedy? They kill Trump on a Friday and the honky will riot that night maybe some on Saturday, but Sunday they’ll go to church. He mentions Israel doing 9/11 or about their nukes and they’ll shoot him.


            When they killed Kennedy that was also before the Internet so the scape goat was Oswald when in fact it was very likely Lyndon Johnson and the non federal reserve board. That comes from not the new World Order media but alternate media who have more facts. By the time people learned, this the anger of the assassination had subsided. As to 9-11 all the evidence points to an inside job involving the criminal Bush family, Cheney, and the satanic Saudi’s therefore the reason to withhold the secretive 28 pages so the Saudis won’t be sued and the Bush’s and Cheney’s can stay our of prison…which by the way Trump knows about it and will release that if elected. This is all the more reason to whack Trump and all the more reason a small per centage will logically rebel in physical form against establishment members. Yes, overall heavily armed Americans are cowards.

        • Brad Cordrey

          You think the Internet will make a difference. I’ve talked to 60 people in my family and 100 others and none of them have a clue about anything. So they’re going to take out the Internet crowd and the rest will watch TV.

    • Brad Cordrey

      NOTHING! What did we do when they intentionally killed those children in Waco? (crickets chirping) They had no reason to storm that place ad we learned they intentionally killed little kids. If Trump is killed. We’ll think of his womanizing, adultery, mafia business deals, beating his wife and bankrupt casino sleaze.

    • Brad Cordrey

      I want you to create a scenario where we defeat the police, FBI, the military and then NATO. I mean this would have to be interesting.

  • smokey7869

    If he would go ahead and pick Rand Paul as his VP, he wouldn’t have to worry. The establishment fears Paul a lot more than it fears Trump.

    • Right_in_ur_face

      I don’t even like Rand Paul. But I completely agree with you.

    • James Dixon

      Rand Paul is a RINO and he supports Obama’s amnesty program.

  • David

    I figured this was coming

    • rzvsrm

      Me too – surprised more hasn’t happened

  • Marie Devine

    There is an answer that Donald Trump and all sides of the political spectrum could be satisfied with:
    Everything changes when WE WANT the God of Israel to take over our government. Leviticus 26 promises a good life of peace and abundance when we live according to His written wisdom, but 4 x 7 curses UNTIL we turn to Him in truth, not as taught by religious leaders.

    IF we came to the Republican or even Democratic convention ,etc., with a candidate with a platform of making the Law of Yahuveh-God of Israel as written in the Bible the law of the land, getting us out of the United Nations and NATO which cause problems they says it is trying to prevent, keeping the US Constitution as written, bringing our military home with honor, essentially bringing in the Kingdom of God as prophesied, would the Republican or Democratic or Libertarian Party or any candidate fight against it? The platform would be the desire of all nations and all political parties: true justice, true freedom, good health, not disease and health care insurances and not lifelong bondage to employment and taxes.

    • Faechyld

      You do realize when Jesus came he basically threw out the old testament right?

    • DDogbreath

      Are you nuts? “WE WANT the god of Israel to take over our government” Israel has already taken over our government. Didn’t you notice all the “ass kissing” going on at AIPAC? Zionists control ALL our news media, Thats why we never get the truth. Separation of church and state was created for that reason. You religious freaks are nuts.

      • Sherri Lombardi

        Israel has not taken over our Government you are confusing Israel with Islam, I do agree no one but Americans need to be running our Government but lets not mix our allies up with our enemies.

        • DDogbreath

          I see you are in denial. 30% of top government administrative positions are filled with dual citizen Israeli / US people. Is there some kind of a shortage of qualified Americans I am unaware of?

          This does not in any way represent our population.
          I am not confusing anything. Use your computer as a tool for information before you spew rubbish.

      • Yotto Otto

        There is no such thing as “separation of church and state” in America, because the Catholic Church controls our govt (and the world, for that matter). If you want proof, look at this:

    • MAC

      The nation state Israel is NOT the Israel that God speaks of in the Bible. They are not the descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. They are the descendants of Esau/Edom, whom God hated, and, also, Turks/Khazars.

      The nation state Israel is Christians’ “sacred cow” because they have been misled of Bible truth of Genesis 12:3. The Lord was speaking to Abraham, not the nation state of Israel. Abraham was not a Jew. And, the word “Jew” has been mistranslated and misused. It actually meant someone from Judea –there was not even the letter “J” back then. The word came into used in the Bible a couple hundred years ago. Read the New Testament –how did Jesus talk to the Pharisees [Jews]? No where did He speak nicely or good of them. In Matthew 23:13-39 Jesus “prophesied” their doom that would come in that generation’s time –it did happen in A.D. 70 when Jerusalem was attacked, the temple destroyed and temple worship/sacrifice ended! Jesus came back in the clouds and wrath poured out on the “Jews” then. Flavius Josephus, the ancient historian, wrote of it just as Jesus described that they would see Him. We are just not taught this truth!

  • Dio Jones

    This I do not doubt… JFK was going to end the fed, Lincoln was going to do away with centralized banking and we see the results…

    Always be a light that is .shininginthedark.

  • Colleen Gill Rotter

    Our government is so screwed up ! If you’re a praying person, we had better pray !

  • meme35


  • Ken Carter

    As I wrote on another site ….

    “I am willing to bet that on the day before Obama is to leave office…..

    “……he will pre-empt all television programming across the nation, and conduct a national news conference to announce to the American people that because of Donald Trump’s proposal to ban Muslim immigration, he represents a mortal danger to the U.S. if he becomes President….

    “….and because of this danger, he is forced to take the extraordinary step of suspending the U.S. Constitution, declaring martial law, and that he will remain as President until the American people void their selection of Trump and elect someone different.

    “After all, as a Muslim, Obama possesses more power to advance Islamic jihad and the creation of a worldwide Islamic caliphate than any man in history, dating all the way back to the Prophet Muhammad himself…..

    “…..and it is insane to think Obama will willingly vacate his office when the legal means exists to perpetuate his term indefinitely.”

    In my opinion …. it will either be martial law, or Obama will straight up order a covert hit on Trump outright ….. but either way, this is what we must fear will happen to Trump in the coming months.

    • Frances Chute Quinn

      congress needs to remove obama from office….if it is true that the papers are done and ryan refuses to do anything about it he should be arrested! he is a traitor to the country. i never liked him as romney’s running mate and i still don’t like him.

      • Jane Lewis

        They are all in this together. That is why they have gone along with everything Obama wants done.

    • Will Kennedy

      When you find out none of this happens, I hope you can find a good therapist for those delusions of yours.

      • Ken Carter

        I’ll be the first to admit I was wrong if none of this happens, and I truly hope it doesn’t.

        But given all that has happened already, it only requires a rudimentary exercise in logic to arrive at these scenarios.

        Of course, since Obama is a Muslim, we cannot trust him to renounce jihad any more than we can trust other devout Muslims, as the Holy Qur’an is crystal clear in its call for jihad, and for taqiyya to conceal the truth.

    • Jane Lewis

      That is exactly how I see it happening. Kruschef said that the only way to take the United States is from within and we now have that Trojan Horse in place.

  • Vernon Cunningham

    I too have been concerned about the effects of a trump assassination. He needs to pick an equally good man as a running mate. Then if he makes it to the presidency, put men of equal decency in position to take over. we need a movement that will overcome all the bad influences and that will be no easy task. If we support trump, we have to be willing to stand up for him, his cabinet, and america, with what ever force is necessary. We have to do more than just sit in front of a computer making noise.

    • Pat Volpe Eno

      So agree. Can we get a unity agreement started?

    • Frances Chute Quinn

      i so agree!

      • Sherri Lombardi


        • Paul Gugger

          Agree, this has been my fear for a long time

    • Tony Dipreta


  • Steve Fye


    • rzvsrm

      Good for depopulation they will say.

      • Will Kennedy

        You’re deluded. What happens if USA is depopulated? The economy goes to shit and meanwhile the billions in China and elsewhere can just move on in. Hardly benefits the made up US banking elite when they have no one to validate their money.

        • Muriel Katz

          But you’re forgetting something, Will Kennedy. They WANT the USA to go bankrupt. Most of the elites’ money is not tied up in the economy of the USA. The USA MUST be killed off in order for them to be able to merge it with Mexico and Canada into their North American Union.

          Remember…they can’t have a One World Government if the USA remains intact. Being a Sovereign nation with it’s own Constitution, this would throw a monkey wrench into their NWO plans. The USA would continue to be a haven for those trying to escape the NWO government control, causing this country to grow even larger and become even more powerful…and able to ‘take on’ the NWO.

          As far as depopulation goes, those elites backing their One World Government have already repeatedly stated that at least 90% of the world’s population must be eliminated in order for there to be enough gas, oil, food, clean air, etc., for THEM. And they believe that the REMAINING population…10%…will be sufficient to maintain the lifestyles these elites have become accustomed to living without fear that the world’s resources will ‘dry up’.

          • Will Kennedy

            Yes but it’s just out of workings of reality. If the USA goes bankrupt, as the only actual place on earth (except maybe UK) likely to be accepting of so many cultures under one government, the whole plan would be finished.

            Mexico wouldn’t join USA, they’re full of crime and drug lords and a nationalism that wants nothing to do with one world governments. Same as Europe, same as China, same as Russia, Philippines, Iraq, anywhere on the planet.Nobody wants this one world government and the people don’t want it, and as a result, no matter how rich the elites that want it are, it’s never gonna happen.

            What about rich Russians, rich drug lords, rich Chinese people? Are they in on this plan too? If USA goes bankrupt, all the other countries will just assert their own influence on shaping the world in different directions.

            There can be no NWO because the world is full of DIFFERENT NATIONS, cultures and human beings for any one idea to win.

            It’s just not gonna happen. Proof: EVERYONE ON THIS FORUM DOESNT WANT IT TO HAPPEN. Therefore, it won’t. People are people not robots or sheep.

            I don’t think USA is powerful enough anymore to make that happen. Plenty of rich Russian competition and Chinese banks to compete with the rothschildren and goldballsachs. It’s just not happening.

          • KAREN M

            The NWO consists of many world leaders – it’s not just U.S. Their combined wealth is many, many trillion dollars. They control the world banking system. If the populations have no access to their own money; their ability to do anything is erased. All rights are controlled by money & the block to your own funds. Some say the plan is to just shut down the money access. Then that affects the food chain – without food, you either die or are at their mercy to provide you with nutrition and water. Hence that is where it is claimed these so-called FEMA camps. I don’t know about any of this; but it is sickening to even think something like this would happen in our lifetime.

          • Yotto Otto

            Research Agenda-21. That’s the future that awaits us.

          • Jane Lewis

            And we still wonder about all those caskets stored in Georgia that Obama ordered after he was elected. If it is really true.

          • KAREN M

            Yes….. a special thanks to Ted Cruz and his wife, Heidi, the two minions under George W. Bush to help write the North American Union plan. This was just continued marching orders from George HW Bush sitting next to George W. when President. The North American Union would shed the U.S. of its sovereignty; then poof – The North American Union can be dissolved & Mexico, Canada & U.S. are sucked into one world government. Thank you, Devil Horned Ted Cruz, for your great contribution to help plan the destruction of America!

        • rzvsrm

          You should read up on this…why do you think they are allowing all the radicals to be spread across the globe?

  • Deborah Woolley

    If anything happens to Trump, there will be a WAR OF THE PEOPLE like the country hasn’t seen in a LONG, LONG time.

  • alice

    Everyone should pray daily for the safety of Donald.

    • David Mulloy

      Many of us Already Do!!

  • Truth Troubadour

    Here is 2016 US Presidential candidate Donald Trump standing tall against the “New World Order” in 2013 by endorsing the most right wing party in Israel on TV! “Donald Trump Endorsement for Prime Minister Netanyahu” (00:35) Published on May 3, 2016 at newzalert YouTube Channel.
    Quote: “In an unprecedented move, the U.S. billionaire and world-renowned entrepreneur, Mr. Donald Trump, took part in a video showing his support for the Zionist Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu and The Likud Party in the
    2013 general election in Israel. Trump says: “Vote for Benjamin! Terrific guy! Terrific leader! Great for Israel!” In an interview with the DailyMail in the UK, Donald Trump said that Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu should continue Israeli expansion by building more West Bank settlements, which the international community considers to be Palestinian land.

  • Microbial Pterydactal

    Look at the size of that hand.

    • Lew

      Hands? Look at the size of them Balls

  • IBeGrammarin

    No matter the cost, Trump will not take up residence in the White House.
    Only and unless, he agrees to play along with the establishment, would they allow Trump to become President.

  • Brie Hoffman

    We need to find and publish all the members of the Federal Reserve.

  • Brie Hoffman

    Just so you know, the CFR is located on the S/W corner of 68th and Park Avenue.

  • Rick Smith

    If this should happen, there would not be a member of the Elite Establishment left alive….just saying!!

  • Sherri Lombardi

    this is one reason his VP choice is so important, he needs to choose someone who is for the people and loves this country.

    • KAREN M

      ……… yes, and qualified to take over in an emergency. Someone with the same ideals!

  • YueLao

    Get Pumped! listen to this song:

    & Vote Trump 2016

  • Roy Rogers

    NO. It wont be easy to convince the People.

  • Julian B Duron

    Trump has more to fear from El Chapo’s standing THREAT of a HIT!

  • Simon Peter Dodge

    We need more graves to dance on.

  • Acecool

    Why I truly believe Donald J. Trump is a true American Hero. Standing up for what’s right, no matter the cost. Truly takes courage and bravado to stand up against the machine. I do believe if anything happened to Trump, chaos would erupt as never before. Perhaps part of the oligarchical plan? to further divide this country and reduce the middle class to an impoverished state in one fell swoop?

    It’s good to finally see people finally waking up to NWO (aka One World Govt), too bad it’s taken this long though. It would be better if people actually took the prophecies within the Book of Revelation more seriously as well, where Nostradamus and Edgar Cayce combined don’t even come close! It’s all there in black n’ white.

    First we have to take our country back and pray like hell oligarchical governance doesn’t continue it’s stranglehold in American politics. A good start would be to end lobbyist practice where politicians aren’t allowed to receive any amount of money, including campaign contributions. I do believe most of us can agree on that.

    Now about Donald. “The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much”
    Please pray for Donald’s health, safety and long life, and don’t forget to include his family. Do your part, the future of our country and our children depend upon it.

    • KAREN M

      You are right about everything. There is absolutely no reason that a Presidential campaign should cost what it does…….. get rid of all contributions and give a set amount in federal funding – a reasonable amount & that’s all that can be spent! All outside influence is erased. Candidates run on their qualifications and their record.

      • Acecool

        Agreed. When Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars are spent on defamation of character and slanderous smear ad’s alone, you know you’re not in Kansas anymore. Insider Politicians, like overgrown children playing king of the hill (lord of the flys) with our very lives.

  • Bruce Pike

    I would not put it past the establishment or the corruption of the government we have now that is for sure.Trump is Americans last hope

  • Bob McMahan

    I do not know, but I expect that Mr Trump has the best personal security aparatus that money can buy. He should be OK.


    Notice that HIS 4th REICH “Ghost.G0D.Corporate” MAS0NIC WAVE is CR0PED…

  • raf


  • Steve Brown

    The entire OIC was in on the 9-11 attacks. Thats who Trump should take out while ”We the People” still got the muscle.

  • Kerry Kolsch

    We are taking our country back and the despots have been exposed. They would harm Trump at their peril.

  • Jones Davie

    Many people aren’t aware that this story is true & also that Trump’s youngest son, Barron age 9 was damaged by vaccines by the NWO or what ever you’d prefer to call it. Trump’s son already is a victim & Trump is right to be mad as hell. Also, Trump’s favorite business is, big building in Manhattan, NYC, NY., he knows exactly who built the WTC & how they were built. He knows the people who built it & the people who designed it. Trump knows how buildings are supposed to come down & that the official 9-11 story is fiction. Also, Trump has been in Ivy League Schools that are involved in Masonry & that type of crap. Trump has been on top of these tyrants for decades but it is personal for him now. I hope people support him because what he’s doing is courageous.

  • Jim Kosty

    If something happens to TRUMP, it’s time for the people to go to DC and burn the fucking place to the ground with EVERY sitting politician inside!!! This is the election that will either make or break the USA, and these pricks in BOTH parties know they are in deep shit…no more lunchtime blowjobs paid for by tax dollars, no more greasing each others skids at the cost to US, no more bullshit EPA mandates and global warming bullshit in an effort to keep US down and poor and ruin America. NO more being overrun by people who we don’t want here and don’t belong here unless done legally. And the END of the the political correctness jammed down our throats. God help those bastards in public office if anything should happen to Trump. The people WILL have their heads…literally…and for once, it will not be the freaks and queers causing the riots, it will be those of us with guts and glory, sick of the treachery and lies and rip – off that evil pricks and the bought and paid – for media have allowed to bastardize this nation.

  • Rod

    I have no doubt they will try, and let’s face it they have been doing this a long time and have people that are very good at it.

  • Greg Rickard

    I’m not a conspiracy nut; Lee Harvey Oswald, by himself, assassinated JFK. There is overwhelming evidence to prove this and an answer to every conspiracy theory out there regarding this assassination. But when Donald Trump, one of the richest and most powerful men in the world, deal-maker supreme, builder of many multi-million dollar businesses speaks about a possible conspiracy, I listen. Think of all the information to which he is privy.

    • Joe Palooka

      Back and to the left…

  • Sammie Jo

    Yeah, that’s right , put the idea out there so some crazy can act on it.
    If no one assassinated obama, no one is going to try to take out The Donald, besides, he has his own security team, much better than the feds.

  • markgiambrone

    trump should not have spoken out loud to tip his hand . so chances are that he is bluffing and may be one of them . you don’t tell your enemy the Jesuits we are coming after you when they hold all the power .

  • paulbraveheart

    I guess it is time for the establishment to dust off their old faithful Murder inc. Sow the wind reap the whirl wind!

  • pagliaccio sconcio

    he has`nt watched many movies who dies first?,trump is old and he will die within a few years anyway but he has balls to jump into the ringo~SS club 1% or his balls are fake and he`s just a old bee keeper druming on the hive to get a revolt that the 1% can control he worked at the network yesterday.Either way it could be interesting and partys both need a shake up and the catch up to joeQpubics mindsets.I don`t think nota will change but the euro arms buildup is a real problem now with russia/china pointing fingers at us did america volate the euro/american/russia peace treaty? or is russia volating it building the new HGV hypersonic glide vehicle with can place a nuke or bomb warhead anywhere worldwide in less than one hour.Hilly or billy can`t deal with that berny can`t deal with that.Trump could setdown with anyone and get a deal of somekind.

  • pagliaccio sconcio

    he`s thrown all his chips on the table?he`s old and wants to leave his mark for his kids,they won`t kill him or american will go apeSmit and really change things grass roots,I don`t see that happenin as any happening is controlled by the 1% that controls the eiTHER-NET.i DODGE THEM since 1964 CB looped open mics to hams fratfart mason broadcasters for the studio system^^^1% which killed off howard hughes and took every invention patent for thier dark program~SS 1%

  • pagliaccio sconcio

    earth mics synratronical 3D scanning GODVIEW the either and internet control we are hacked and whatever we say they whitewash hog tie and sell in a cookie cutter BS verson

  • Brad Cordrey

    Trump is blaming the Saudis for 9/11. Not the Israelis. He’s blaming every from Mexico, China the Middle East but not Israel.

  • myworld5

    many years I have spent trying to roll out the story and beliefs of the NWO, Illuminati, Bilderbergs, No-borders groups and everyone thought I was crazy ….. is there still time to correct the direction we are going ???? only Trump and God can turn this corner as Washington , DC is where it starts and ends …..we need a person that will say and do anything and everything to these people and Trump is the only one that can and will do it …………………if not ? God help us ……………………

  • Milton W. Lowe


  • Randje K Randje

    It would be a mercy killing.

  • Brad Cordrey

    Trump is up against hundreds of trillions and Jews entrenched for 200 years and Trump is going to what use the constitution? The jews have used that for toilet paper. I guess the jews can create Communism. Overthrow the Russian government. Kill 100 million and finance two world wars and overthrow 20 some countries and murder tens of millions and now they have been pushing a genocide agenda for 40 years and Trump is going stop this. You’d have better luck stopping a locomotive with 50 people on the track. You people don’t realize you’re up against Communism, International bankers. Wall Street, and Hollywood.

    • KAREN M

      Trump is up against a lot… I do not say this casually God will prevail over evil, with all of us praying in unison. Stop using the Jews so liberally. It is not all Jews. It is true that international banking has us by the throat. You already know they want everyone chipped – eliminate cash. You use the chip to buy things, pay bills etc. And if you piss them off; they promise to turn off the chip and let you starve. God help us. God please be on our side. God, please stamp out the big evil group of 150 persons. I pray for Trump’s safety, that of his family and his Almighty action in putting an end to these evil world leaders that have horrible plans for us. Let’s all pray like never before!

      • Brad Cordrey

        I want him to become a martyr

  • Addy Jones

    Quite honestly I have worried about the very same thing. Hell the Clintons alone have had 10 friends that knew to much and met an untimely demise. Obama smirks while holding back a laugh when asked about Trump becoming President. He is convinced this won’t happen. He knows the elite all to well. I think every country needs to put out international warrants for all the cabal members.

  • chuck morrow


  • Unified Militia

    Guess that nails it. We now know that Trump is the one who MUST take over or this country is gone for good. Mark my words: If someone assassinates Trump there WILL BE ANOTHER REVOLUTION. The militias will not allow a NAU, nor will they all ANYONE to ignore the Constitution anymore than it already has been. We know where Soros lives. He is already on our target list, along with quite a few other people. We’d rather see them all hang, but a bullet would do just as well.

  • James Smith

    First prove JFK was in fact murdered and now presumed dead?

  • sailen

    lot of people in America don’t want to hear the truth. They don’t to believe they are like sheep and goats being led around by the NWO. Are the elitist who control and take the hard earned money from them. The Federal reserve and income tax law was passed while our leaders were out for Christmas vacation. There is nothing Federal about the reserve. Your income tax money pays the interest on what the Government. And now the dollar is not backed up by gold.The only way they stay in power is by turning us against each other. And keeping our kids stupid through schools teaching. The greatest men who ever lived wrote the constitution. The worst are now trying to kill it. They give you the internet and cell phones and sports to keep your mind off what is happening around you. But we can use the internet and cell phones to bring them down. And spread the wealth to every American. No more living from pay check to pay check. Using our prison labor to clean up the rivers and lakes. Which will clean up the oceans. Please for Gods sake get your head out of your asses. They only start wars to control the worlds population. And prosin us with the food we eat. The only way they can take over the world is by taking control of America. Turning it into a 3rd world nation. A small group of zionist run the banks the news and Hollywood. They want to destroy the White European White mans and what he built. But all of us black white and brown have to stop letting them deivid us.

  • Eye4one2

    The American voters have peed in the D.C. pool and will continue to do so until our officials start serving the people, instead of themselves!