Trump: Americans Will Revolt If Deep State Remove Me From Office

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Trump warns that if Deep State are allowed to remove him from office there will be an American civil war

President Trump has warned that ordinary, gun-carrying Americans will revolt if the deep state attempt to remove him from office. 

According to sources, Trump thinks that Democrats are so hellbent on stopping America’s recovery that they will orchestrate a destabilizing crisis on the border, collapse the economy or even spark a civil war as a means of removing him from the White House by force. reports: However, Trump believes that both the U.S. military and the American people would not stand for such a scenario and would rise up against it and that there would be a “revolt” because Americans are “too well armed”.

The phone call was further discussed during a meeting between three people, one of whom was Roger Stone and another being the same person who spoke directly to Trump.

Other prominent individuals close to the president have confirmed that what Trump said during the call was his ongoing state of mind over the past several weeks, if not more, and that the phone call wasn’t unique in that sense.

The conversation was prompted following criticism from some figures on the right that Trump was not following through on his main campaign promises, specifically with regard to the wall.

The comments line up with previous public statements made by Trump about how the American people would respond if he were to be impeached.

“I’m not concerned, no,” the president told Reuters reporters last month during a conversation in the Oval Office. “I think that the people would revolt if that happened.”

A third person who attended the meeting at which the phone call was discussed said he was very fatalistic about the destiny of the Trump presidency and the country.

Alex Jones spoke with all three individuals who attended the meeting over the last few days.

Trump himself is apparently extremely taken aback at the level to which the country has been sold out by embedded groups within the government, particularly with regard to Chinese influence.

The president also now suspects that the Federal Reserve is working with the deep state to plunge the economy as a way of crushing his re-election hopes, if he makes it that far.

However, Trump expressed his confidence that the American people would choose the right side and have his back, which in turn sends a strong message to the establishment forces who are plotting his demise.