Political Analyst: Trump Admin Has Been Hijacked By Oligarchs

The Trump administration has been hijacked by Oligarchs

American oligarchs have infiltrated and hijacked the Trump administration, causing him to renegade on his campaign promises, according to a top political analyst in Indiana. 

American writer, former professor, and editor of Culture Wars magazine, E. Michael Jones, claims that Trump is at the mercy of the very foreign policy his voters wanted him to reject.

Presstv.com reports:

US Defense Secretary James Mattis said on Monday the United States is closely examining the four “de-escalation zones” proposed by Russia aimed at reducing violence in Syria.

In his first remarks on an agreement signed last week by Iran, Russia and Turkey in Kazakhstan, Mattis warned that the “devil is in the details” and that much was required to be worked out by the countries involved.

The deal to create the de-escalation zones in mainly militants-held areas of the country calls for the cessation of hostilities between militant groups and Syrian forces. Russia, Turkey and Iran are to act as guarantors for the agreement which took effect on Saturday.

The US State Department has criticized the deal, saying Washington was skeptical of Iran’s role as a guarantor of the agreement which was signed during the fourth round of the Syria peace talks in the Kazakh capital Astana on Thursday.

Jones said, “If you remember the election of Donald Trump was a protest against imperial wars at the expense of domestic prosperity.  That’s what that election was about.”

“Trump got elected. He defeated the oligarch candidate, Hillary Clinton. He became the president, and at that point the oligarchs reopened war against Trump, trying to bring him back into alignment with their goal,” he added.

“What we’re seeing here is that realignment,” he stated.

“The goal in Syria has always remained the same. First goal is to have the pipeline from Qatar to cut out Iran from supplying gas and oil to Europe. The other goal was to break the Shia crescent that would allow Iran to send military aid to Hezbollah,” the analyst noted.

“None of those goals has changed. The fly in the ointment from the point of view of the oligarchs was the election of Trump. But what we have seen over this period of time – let’s say his first 100 days or so – is the oligarchs reining Trump in and basically putting him at the service of the foreign policy that the people who voted for him wanted him to reject,” he observed.

“That’s what’s going on. I think that’s very clear by now. I don’t see any other interpretation of these events,” Jones concluded.