Trump: ‘9/11 … The Saudis Did It’ – Secret Papers Prove Cover-up

Fact checked
Donald Trump says the Saudi's did 9/11, and that 'secret documents' prove it

Donald Trump has publicly slammed George W. Bush in his most explosive speech to date, claiming that “secret papers” exist that prove Saudi Arabia were responsible for the 9/11 attacks – suggesting a huge cover-up has been perpretrated by the Bush administration in concealing who was really responsible for the September 11 attacks.

During a campaign event in Bluffton, South Carolina on Wednesday, Trump said:

It wasn’t the Iraqis that knocked down the World Trade Center, we went after Iraq, we decimated the country, Iran’s taking over, okay. But it wasn’t the Iraqis, you will find out who really knocked down the World Trade Center, ‘cuz they have papers in there that are very secret, you may find it’s the Saudis, okay? But you will find out. reports:

Although 15 of the 19 terrorists were Saudi nationals, no evidence has ever been presented that the government of Saudi Arabia was behind the attacks of 9/11.