‘Travel Bans Are No Longer Racist!’ Biden Enacts Africa Travel Ban

Fact checked
Biden blasted for enacting Africa travel ban after previously calling them racist and xenophobic

President Joe Biden has come under fire for enacting travel restrictions on eight countries after calling President Trump’s restrictions in 2020 “racist” and “xenophobic.”

Trump issued travel restrictions on countries around the globe after the Chinese Coronavirus pandemic arrived in the United States in 2020.

Biden immediately slammed Trump for banning countries like China, calling the protectionist measures racist and xenophobic, like this tweet from February 1, 2020, following a travel-ban announcement:

Breitbart.com reports: On Friday, the world was awakened to a rapidly spreading coronavirus variant originating from African nations.

Biden issued a travel ban on the African nations Friday, causing many individuals to note his hypocrisy: