Toronto University Prof. Suspended By Twitter For Saying Transgenderism Is Mental Disorder

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Professor of Psychiatry Ray Blanchard was suspended by Twitter on Sunday after sharing his professional position on transgenderism.

University of Toronto Professor of Psychiatry Ray Blanchard, PhD, a leading expert on gender dysphoria, was temporarily suspended by Twitter on Sunday after sharing his professional position on transgenderism after a lifetime of academic research in the field. 

Here’s the full statement Blanchard made which got him suspended

Earlier today I wrote this thread in response to a follower who asked me, “What is your actual position on transgender people?” It looks like my reply has not been delivered to a single person besides the original inquirer, so I am reposting it here.

My beliefs include the following 6 elements: 

(1) Transsexualism and milder forms of gender dysphoria are types of mental disorder, which may leave the individual with average or even above-average functioning in unrelated areas of life.

(2) Sex change surgery is still the best treatment for carefully screened, adult patients, whose gender dysphoria has proven resistant to other forms of treatment.

(3) Sex change surgery should not be considered for any patient until that patient has reached the age of 21 years and has lived for at least two years in the desired gender role.

(4) Gender dysphoria is not a sexual orientation, but it is virtually always preceded or accompanied by an atypical sexual orientation – in males, either homosexuality (sexual arousal by members of one’s own biological sex) . . . or autogynephilia (sexual arousal at the thought or image of oneself as a female).

(5) There are two main types of gender dysphoria in males, one associated with homosexuality and one associated with autogynephilia. Traditionally, the great bulk of female-to-male transsexuals has been homosexual in erotic object choice.

(6) The sex of a postoperative transsexual should be analogous to a legal fiction. This legal fiction would apply to some things (e.g., sex designation on a driver’s license) but not to others (entering a sports competition as one’s adopted sex).

Blanchard’s suspension was later lifted after widespread outrage.

InformationLiberation reports:

Twitter’s “hateful conduct” policy mandates that users not “deadname” transgender people by referring them to using their birth name or “misgender” transgender people, which in this case means referring to them as their actual biological gender rather than the gender they’ve chosen to identify with. 

Facebook came up with a similar speech mandate earlier this month after banning Paul Joseph Watson and others where they declared that users are no longer allowed to share links to Infowars unless they’re “explicitly condemning the content.”

 Perhaps Big Tech could hold a conference in the future and bring all their “trust and safety” teams together to create a list of all the prog-globalist political beliefs we’re all mandated to espouse in order to keep our accounts on social media? 

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