Top Academic: Intercourse With Robots Will Be Normal By 2070


A top academic is claiming that sexual intercourse and even falling in love with robots will be considered normal by 2070.

According to

According to Dr Helen Driscoll, an expert in the psychology of sex at the University of Sunderland, sexual technology or ‘sex tech’ is advancing so rapidly that within a century physical relationships will seem backward and primitive.

In theory, anyone with a lust for rust will be able to engage in copious amounts of what is termed ‘robophilia’ without raising an eyebrow from the neighbors. People may even begin to “fall in love with their virtual reality partners.” 

Referring to the burgeoning trade in technologically advanced sex dolls, Driscoll told the Daily Mirror: “It could really start to enable mannequin partners to ‘come to life.’

“We tend to think about issues such as virtual reality and robotic sex within the context of current norms.

“But if we think back to the social norms about sex that existed just 100 years ago, it is obvious that they have changed rapidly and radically,” she said.

Sex With Robots

Driscoll believes that the steady march of technology will dictate how well sex with robots is received.

“As virtual reality becomes more realistic and immersive and is able to mimic and even improve on the experience of sex with a human partner; it is conceivable that some will choose this in preference to sex with a less than perfect human being.”

“People may also begin to fall in love with their virtual reality partners.”

Drsicoll predicts people will increasingly integrate virtual experience into their lives, though she concedes that sex with robots could come to be seen as infidelity.

Nevertheless, Driscoll claims: “In the world of the future, we could well see human relationships increasingly conducted entirely online. 

“And, as some people start to prefer technologically enhanced virtual sex to sex with humans, we may also see greater numbers of people living alone, spending more time in virtual reality.”

Questions remain, however, over whether or not virtual or robot relationships can truly satisfy.

“Currently the lack of human contact could be harmful. Humans are naturally sociable and a lack of human contact could lead to loneliness, which is linked to various mental and physical health problems.

“But, in the long term, technology may overcome these problems,” she added.

What do you think about sex with robots?

  • Governmental Deception

    Yeah anything can be considered normal as long as you keep telling the dumbe down idiots who can’t think for themselves the so called experts can tell them anything is normal and they believe it. Or at least gives themselves the excuse it is. Social Mind Control will work wonders for tearing up families and make human normality be the stigma when it never should be that way.

    • Dimi Gkoutzidis

      and who told u what is normal and what not?maybe u r 1 of the intelligent 1s and found out by thinking for urself?good!so that means what is normal for u should also b normal for 7 billion people?

      • Governmental Deception

        Obviously if you don’t get it your part of the problem of acceptance. Your intelligence was left in the womb. Those who are awake know just what I’m talking about. Your only defensive because you would love to screw something you can control and isn’t reality. No doubt a video addict. Idiot.

        • Dimi Gkoutzidis

          i will not answer the same way since i wanna keep my peace of mind…

          my intelligence? 166 last time i checked,passed mensa test,so it should b enough for this conversation…

          those who r awake?16 years on a spiritual path,more than 17000 hrs of meditation,left my body and entered spiritual regions on several occasions,daily connecting with the power of god,so i guess thats also enough 2 know what u mean and what u r talking about,and that he LAST thing ur words show is an awakened person…

          me defensive?2 b defensive i have 1st 2 express my opinion on that matter and feel attacked by u,which i dont…

          screw something?being celibate for quite some time now in order 2 keep this energy for my spiritual progress doesnt quite fit ur description of me…

          i dont know y u r full of anger but obviously u r not very satisfied with ur life or urself,a typical reaction of people out of balance…

          i dont care what u do in ur life or what the rest of the world does,but no1 has the right 2 tell others what 2 do,what is normal and what not…

          where is the book with the laws of being normal?!!

          normal is considered something which many people do,it doesnt mean its right or wrong,its a personal choice and people have 2 take responsibility for their choices…

          u dont like fucking robots?then dont do it,ur choice,ur right…but in the same way let other people make their own choices…

          normal?WHAT IS NORMAL??!! u like eating meat?its normal,right?what do u think of people in china eating dogs and cats?disgusting?for them its normal…and just by finding it disgusting u show how brainwashed u r urself coz biologically a dog is EXACTLY the same as a cow or pig or cat,a quadruped mammal!

          the ONLY way 2 have an accurate picture of what is normal as a human being is 2 look back in time and imagine an empty world,throw some humans in there,and think about what they would do,how they survived in the beginning…that could b considered as ‘normal’,as mother nature planed it 2 b…

          can a human being hunt,kill and eat other animals?NOPE!!!the human body was not made that way…would they live all over the world?nope,coz its 2 cold!they would live in a tropical place and eat fruits and vegetables…

          EVERYTHING that happened after that was through decisions people made…

          so the whole world from that view is NOT NORMAL!!!!we changed every fucking thing,so who m i 2 say which of those changes is NORMAL??!!what is considered normal now was crazy a few hundred years ago!

          so all i m saying is that THERE IS NO ‘NORMAL’,and things aint normal just coz many of us do it,otherwise hitler germany and killing jews would also b normal coz millions did it…

          every1 has the right 2 do whatever the fuck they want,live their life exactly as THEY c it fit,not me ,not u,NO1 has the right 2 tell them what 2 do and what is normal or not…

          for me its normal 2 b vegan coz i respect life,for others its normal 2 kill and eat our brothers and sisters in creation,for some of them its even normal 2 eat their own kind coz they grew up as cannibals…do i like it?no…do i agree with it?no…BUT I DO RESPECT AND ACCEPT the choices every1 makes for their lives!

          • Governmental Deception

            Throw the first punch you get one right back. Like I said lack of intelligence would be on your side. Taking offense to facts because you want to have some robotic sex and that will be all you can have or want says it all. Don’t be a transhumanistic moron.

            Transhumanism: An Attempt To Use Technology To Turn Men Into Gods

            Did you know that the word “transhuman” literally means “beyond human


          • Dimi Gkoutzidis

            ok,so u just ignored all i wrote…

            didnt answer on anything but just quoting different people and thinking u make a point?

            i c…i guess i just lost time and energy by talking 2 a wall,2 some1 who is not really interested in the truth or thinking things through but just being right…

            doesnt matter,its all good…if u believe its ok 2 attack people just coz they have a different opinion about what is normal or not for their OWN lives,go ahead,keep doing what u do…

            all the best.. 😉

          • Governmental Deception

            I did, and I will bb to read it, right now I’m giving you information you can take it or leave it, but to be informed is more important than rationalizing sex with a freaking robot and most based on this idea–>

            The algorithm of soul

            What will be your
            role? Of what use are you? Is there something qualitatively different about our
            human capacity to be soulful? Something about it we can’t pass on to the


          • Dimi Gkoutzidis

            thx but i dont need any information,not about this topic or any other topic…except spirituality…
            its like telling neo how things r in the matrix…u think he gives a fuck?he just wanted 2 get out,and then help others do the same..

            i have the same goal and going the path for almost 16 years now…i dont give a fuck if people will fuck robots,horses,or even built big dicks and fuck their own asses!!!we live in a simulation,a video game,its like getting crazy about what people do in disney land,which new toy they built etc,WHO THE FUCK CARES!!!!let them built and play with anything they like…

            people take everything far 2 serious and get stuck in all those things…

            i care about what happens AFTER we die!!!i m on the way of leaving this place and travel back home so giving me all this info is like telling people all about the different stuff that is happening in a burning house they r leaving…

            u like it here?fine…get busy with all this stuff til the game is over and then come back for the next round til 1 day u will get tired of it all and start ur way home,ur REAL home…

            for me everything about this world or the physical universe has the same place as a hotel i m about 2 leave,trying 2 have some quite last days and then get the fuck out,never 2 return… 😉

          • Governmental Deception

            Learn it or fall right into zombie.

            INHUMAN—PART 9: Neurosciences, Brain-Machine Interfacing, Cybernetics and the BORG


          • Governmental Deception

            LESSON 3 :

            This Is How You Are Being Conditioned By Propaganda Everyday
            Propaganda is a form of communication geared towards manipulating and
            influencing the mindset of individuals through a series of emotionally
            charged messages. It can be used to either promote certain causes or to
            negatively influence and persuade people to support various ideological
            positions. Propaganda is powerful because everyone is susceptible to it.
            Robert Cialdini, Professor Emeritus of Psychology


      • Governmental Deception

        Transhumanisim is waaaaay beyond your lack of intelligence so you wouldn’t even begin to comprehend the meaning behind another piece of coal added to the fires of ” DESTROYING THE FAMILY ” blow brains.