Tony Blair’s Christmas Message: “The Unvaxxed Are a Bunch of Idiots!”

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Tony Blair calls unvaccinated idiots

Former prime minister Tony Blair angrily lashed out at unvaccinated people on Wednesday, declaring them “idiots” for refusing to take the experimental shot.

The former Labour PM told Times Radio that he thinks unjabbed individuals need to be bully and harassed into receiving the jab.

“Frankly, if you’re not vaccinated at the moment and you’re eligible, and you’ve got no health reasons for not being unvaccinated, you’re not just irresponsible. You’re an idiot,” Blair said.

“There may be all sorts of reasons, but honestly it is in their own interest, never mind the public interest, for them to get vaccinated,” he continued. reports: The comments sparked furious reaction from the British public, with English actress Denise Welsh commenting: “Let’s persuade them by calling them idiots!!! Brilliant. The queues will be round the block in minutes!!

Wade John Beckett wrote: “Because yes, that’s how you influence people who respond to reason evidence and logic over emotional manipulation or dictatorship… by calling them ‘idiots’…

“I’d have thought by now your masters would have taught you better.”

Mr Blair also warned Prime Minister Boris Johnson failing to bring in further restrictions ahead of Christmas is a “gamble.”

The Prime Minister confirmed this week no new rules will be implemented before Christmas but did not rule out potential changes before the start of the new year.